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  • 5 Tips and Tricks for Making Your Bathroom Welcoming

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    If your holiday guests stay for more than just a few moments, then they are certain to end up in your bathroom and overnight guests will become quite familiar with that necessary space. You can make your friends and family feel at home with these great holiday decorating ideas for the guest bathroom.

    First, make sure those bathroom essentials are in a holiday theme. These essentials include your towels, bathmat, and shower curtain. There are many hholiday-themedchoices available at your local home goods store. Everyone smiles when they see a happy snowman pattern on the shower curtain or candy canes embroidered on your hand towels. Of course, you can do this on a budget too. A green shower curtain with red and white towels says Happy Holidays to everyone who enters the room.

    Holiday shower curtain.

    Second, you can make your guests feel welcome by providing the bathroom basics they may have forgotten. Just imagine what you might find in the bathroom of a luxury hotel: soap, shampoo, conditioner, razors, toothbrushes, mouthwash, and plenty of toilet paper. You can even upgrade the experience for your guests by including slippers and a plush robe on a hook with a little holiday sign that says, “for guests only.”

    Third, replace that flower print (or whatever art you have on the wall) with a simple holiday wreath. This classic decoration adds old-fashioned warmth and brings the Christmas spirit into any room. You can take a couple of hours and make your own wreath with evergreen branches or simply pick one up at your local craft shop. Artificial wreaths are not to be scorned since they can be used every year and become a family tradition.

    Holiday candles.

    Fourth, add candles in holiday candleholders. Candles bring the traditional “silent night” atmosphere to any room over the holidays. You can find a variety of holiday themed candleholders including snowflakes, Christmas trees, and figurines of old Saint Nick himself. A simpler, but elegant effect can be achieved with plain silver, gold, or red candles in clear glass or just sitting on the granite counter. If you do not want to have an open flame in the bathroom, you can use electronic candles on a timer.

    Finally, everyone appreciates having a decent air freshener in the bathroom. The holidays are the best time of year for this sort of product. Great scents such as Christmas cookies, cinnamon spice, and Frasier fir are available from a variety of manufacturers. Many of these come in holiday themed containers. Your guests will feel relaxed and comfortable with these holiday aromas.

    Holiday towels and bells.

    When these holiday decorating ideas are in place, your guest bathroom will be more than just the necessary room. It will be part of the welcoming and warm atmosphere that you want to characterize your home over the holidays.

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