9 Steps to CRATE

Curious how the CRATE remodel process works? Here’s the 9 simple steps:

Your first step in the CRATE process is a 15-20 minute phone consultation with a CRATE team member.  During this call we’d love to learn more about your project and ensure we’re the right fit for your renovation.  You can schedule your phone consultation using our on-line scheduling system by clicking here.  Or just give us a call at 888-995-7996 and we’ll set up your phone consultation right then and there!
If kitchenCRATE and/or bathCRATE is the right fit for you, your CRATE project manager will visit your home to talk through the details of your project and begin the in-depth dialog about how CRATE can meet your needs. During this one-hour meeting, you can ask any additional questions you may have about the CRATE process.  At the end of this meeting, your project manager will quickly take measurements of your kitchen and/or bathroom to prepare for Step 3.
Within a week or two of your In-Home Consultation, your project manager will meet with you to review a complete project cost breakdown. This breakdown includes a cover letter, detailed cost breakdown, sample color-chart of various samples and pictures and specification for each proposed element of your renovation.

During this meeting, you and your project manager will discuss each element of your project and the corresponding cost, including our common add-ons like lighting, flooring and more. This allows you to make project decisions using immediate cost feedback.

Once you approve the price, your project manager will offer a construction contract to sign.

Unlike many other remodeling companies, CRATE doesn’t require a deposit or down-payment to take the next step. We’re convinced you shouldn’t have to pay for any work until you approve of the quality.

Selecting your customized kitchenCRATE colors and finishes usually starts with granite or quartz selection. The reason? Both materials offer a range of colors and tones. Therefore, it’s easiest to choose your exact granite slabs or quartz samples and allow them to guide your backsplash, cabinets, and wall paint choices.

If you choose granite, you and the kitchenCRATE team will take a quick trip to a slab showroom.  During this visit, your kitchenCRATE project manager will show you an array of actual granite slabs.  Once you make your selection, your slabs are reserved for you and shipped to the fabricator, awaiting the start of your project.

If you choose quartz for your countertops, we can skip the road trip and move directly to step 5.  The reason? Quartz is an engineered product and perfectly matches the large sample chips we carry.  Therefore, selection of exact slabs is unnecessary since all slabs are identical.

Once we have a sample of your actual, chosen countertop materials in-hand, the real fun begins!  CRATE provides a free two-hour session with a certified interior designer.  During this meeting you, the interior designer, and the CRATE team review each design element (such as cabinet colors, wall paint, sink, faucet, door and drawer hardware, backsplash, tile, flooring, etc.) and determine your final design selections.  You’ll choose from actual material samples and paint brushouts, ensuring the finished product is exactly as you envision.
Now that all of the selections have been made, it’s time to schedule your project.

The CRATE team will work with you to find the project timeline that best fit your schedule. They’ll then produce a detailed project schedule for your review. That way, you can track your project from start to finish.

The day you’ve been waiting for arrives! Your project is now in the capable hands of your CRATE filed installation team. The project starts, and since you have a complete project schedule, you’ll know what’s going to happen each day.

Throughout the project the incredible CRATE team members, from bottom to top, are there to answer your questions and make sure the highest level of quality is adhered to.

Upon job completion, the CRATE team carefully walks the project with you, noting any final items needing attention. This meeting yields what’s called a “punch-list;” the final list of tasks needing to be completed before the project is officially “done.” The CRATE team immediately gets to work on the punch-list, often completing it that very same day.

Once you’re satisfied the punch-list is complete, your project payment is due. CRATE prefers payment by check but other financing options are available by request.

Now it’s up to you to turn your new kitchen and/or bathroom into the delightful room it was always meant to be.  And you can rest easy knowing it happened in as little as 7 days!

Ready to start on Step 1 of the CRATE process? Just click here to schedule your phone consultation using our on-line scheduling system. Or feel free to call us direct during business hours at 888-995-7996!