• Everybody loves a wood floor, the warm homey feel and the classic look make hardwood a longstanding favorite.

    Everybody loves a wood floor unless of course, you have to pay for one, clean one, or maintain one over time. Real wood floors can be expensive, require specialized cleaners, and your best friend’s stilettos easily mar them. This is where wood plank tiles come in. They give you the great look of hardwood along with the durability of tile.

    Wood Plank Tile Flooring

    What Is a Wood Plank Tile Floor?

    Manufactured from ceramic or porcelain, wood plank tiles are hardy, strong, and have a very small water absorption rate. New state of the art computer driven technologies make it possible for flooring manufacturers to produce wood plank tiles that look exactly like real wood. These new manufacturing processes have introduced a wide variety of great looking floor options that would have been impossible only a few years ago.

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    The Advantages of Wood Plank Tiles

    There are many advantages to these great looking floors.

    First, wood plank tiles rarely scratch and are much easier to maintain than traditional wood. This means they will continue to look great for many years.

    Second, wood plank tiles can be produced in an endless assortment of colors and sizes. Tile planks can be made in larger widths than real wood planks. They can also be manufactured in large squares or other shapes. This means the appearance of these floors can be greatly customized.

    Third, wood plank tiles are normally more economical than real wood floors. New and reclaimed hardwood is becoming increasingly scarce. This, plus the difficulty of installation, makes real wood an expensive choice. Wood plank tiles are produced in a greater range of prices to fit many different budgets.

    Fourth, wood plank floors add cool comfort to houses in warm weather climates. However, they are also ideal for the use of radiant heat under the floor. This means they can perform fantastically in colder parts of the country as well.

    Finally, though they are undeniably a recent fad in flooring, experts say wood plank tiles are here to stay. Their extreme durability and classic look will help them go the distance in terms of style. There is no need to worry that a wood plank tile floor will look dated in a few years.

    Disadvantages of Wood Plank Tile

    There are really only two commonly mentioned disadvantages to wood plank tiles. Some people think they are cold in the winter. Of course, that is if you live in a cold climate without radiant heat under the floor. Others notice that highly customized wood plank tile floors can cost more than hardwoods.

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    Multiple Applications for Wood Plank Tile

    Wood plank tiles work great in any room of the house, but they are particularly useful in the kitchen and bathroom.

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