Our most recent kitchenCRATE project features yet another renovation in preparation for the sale of the home!  It worked over on Neptune Cove, so we’re guessing kitchenCRATE will add immediate value to this property as well!


Why the Homeowner Chose kitchenCRATE

Since 1976 this kitchen has served it’s owner well.  However, the off-white tile, brown grout and dated cabinets are simply too large of a stumbling block for potential buyers.

The homeowners came to kitchenCRATE via a customer referral from this job, and fell in love with the idea of maximizing their potential sale price and minimizing out-of-pocket costs.

So here we go, turning this nearly four-decade old kitchen into a modern masterpiece!

The Current Kitchen Specifications

  • Countertop and Backsplash: Off-white 6″ square tile with brown grout.
  • Cabinet Finish: Original stain-grade cabinets.
  • Cabinet Hardware: Aged brass hinges and dated pulls.
  • Sink: White cast-iron, original to the kitchen.
  • Faucet: Standard chrome, low-rise.
  • Lighting: Lightbox with inset fluorescent lights.

KitchenCRATE Add-ons

In addition to the base kitchenCRATE elements, this homeowner is adding LED can lights.

The kitchenCRATE Project Scope

The kitchenCRATE team began the transformation on Thursday, October 24th, 2013. On day 1 the kitchenCRATE team set the kitchenCRATE, installed plastic walls for dust/fume protection, protected the flooring, removed and set-aside the existing appliances, demolished the countertops and backsplash, repaired the counter sub-top, removed the doors and drawers for off-site painting, templated for the new granite tops and prepared the remaining cabinet boxes for prime and paint. During the following 8 days (the lighting modification is adding an extra days to this project), the kitchenCRATE crew will:

The Before Pictures










BV3A2678 BV3A2702


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Scott Monday (email) is Founder and CEO of Trinity Renovation, Inc., the parent company of kitchenCRATE.  Learn more about Scott at Google+ or on Facebook.