• When you’re a family of four with two teenagers and a passion for traveling, a $50,000 kitchen remodel is not too high on your list of priorities.

    And such is the case with the kitchenBOX Barry Court homeowner. Thankfully they stumbled upon kitchenBOX via Facebook, and less than four weeks later, their project is under way!  KitchenBOX is excited to bring it’s 7 day, $15,000 kitchen remodel concept to Ceres, California for the first time.

    Why the Homeowner Chose kitchenCRATE for Their Kitchen Renovation in Ceres

    Quite simply, kitchenBOX was the perfect fit for this homeowner’s needs.

    The homeowner has been planning a kitchen remodel since moving into their 1978 home more than a decade ago.  But other projects kept popping up, and pretty soon, more time had passed than they had intended.  Subtle reminders like the dated tile countertops, well-built-but-no-longer-fresh cabinets, and 1970’s light fixtures nagged at the homeowner for many years, and when they discovered kitchenBOX, well, the time was right!

    The Current Kitchen Specifications

    • Countertop and Backsplash: White 6×6 tile with dark brown grout.
    • Cabinet Finish: Clear-coat over natural wood.
    • Cabinet Hardware: Oil-rubbed bronze.
    • Sink: White cast iron.
    • Lighting: Surface-mount fluorescent strip fixtures.

    The kitchenBOX Add-ons

    The kitchenBOX Barry Court project features a few high-impact upgrades to further customize the kitchen.  These include new LED can lighting, cabinet modification over the sink (to remove the dated “skirt”), a matching granite top at the adjacent bill-pay desk and new 18″ x 18″ simulated slate flooring.

    Items like these are often added to the kitchenBOX scope in order to maximize the owner’s satisfaction without adding significant time or cost to the project.  We’re already there, so we like to customize the project as much as we can!

    The kitchenBOX Project Scope

    The kitchenBOX team began the transformation on Tuesday, June 11th, 2013.

    On day 1 the kitchenBOX team set the kitchenBOX, installed plastic walls for dust/fume protection, protected the existing wood flooring, removed and set-aside the existing appliances, demolished the countertops and backsplash, repaired the counter sub-top, removed the doors and drawers for off-site painting, templated for the new granite tops, commenced removal of the existing tile flooring, and prepared the remaining cabinet boxes for prime and paint.

    During the following 10 days (the add-ons are adding a few days to this project), the kitchenBOX crew will:

    The Before Kitchen Renovation Photos

    Kitchen Remodel

    Before Kitchen Remodel

    Kitchen Remodel in Ceres

    Kitchen Renovation

    Before Kitchen Renovation

    Kitchen Renovation in Ceres

    Want to learn how kitchenBOX can help you?  Just click here to schedule your phone consultation using our online scheduling system.  Or feel free to email or call us direct during business hours at 888-995-7996!

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