Yet another early 2000 kitchen will get a fresh look as kitchenCRATE began work this week on this beautiful 2-story home in north Modesto.


Why the Homeowner Chose kitchenCRATE

KitchenCRATE is familiar with kitchens built in the early 2000s:  While most feature large, expansive spaces, well-positioned islands and significant counter space, many also feature cabinets that are well-built but quickly outdated and countertops that leave a little to be desired.

Such was the case in this Laurant Court home. The homeowner decided that their kitchen was ready for a face lift and the price point and flexibility of the kitchenCRATE product was just the right fit.  In just a few days, this kitchen will go from drab-2000s to stylish 2013.  And we can’t wait to share the results!

The Current Kitchen Specifications

  • Countertop and Backsplash: White 6″ square tile with thin white grout.
  • Cabinet Finish: Clear coat over natural wood, maple in color.
  • Cabinet Hardware: None
  • Sink: White cast-iron, original to the kitchen.
  • Faucet: Chrome

KitchenCRATE Add-ons

In addition to the base kitchenCRATE elements, the homeowner is adding LED undercabinet lighting and power for a new undercabinet wine refrigerator.

The kitchenBOX Project Scope

The kitchenCRATE team began the transformation on Monday, September 30th, 2013. On day 1 the kitchenCRATE team set the kitchenCRATE, installed plastic walls for dust/fume protection, removed and set-aside the existing appliances, demolished the countertops and backsplash, repaired the counter sub-top, removed the doors and drawers for off-site painting, templated for the new quartz tops and prepared the remaining cabinet boxes for prime and paint. During the following 7 days (the undercabinet lighting is adding an extra day to this project), the kitchenCRATE crew will:

The Before Pictures












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Scott Monday (email) is Founder and CEO of Trinity Renovation, Inc., the parent company of kitchenCRATE.  Learn more about Scott at Google+ or on Facebook.