In our never-ending battle against bad contractor practices, we now set our sights on an industry staple: the customer deposit.

A little background: In our 12+ years in the industry, we’ve been asked many times by gracious customers if we needed/required/wanted a deposit.  And each time, the answer is “no thank you.”

Why, you ask?

Is it because we don’t have any upfront costs on kitchenCRATE projects? No, quite the opposite actually.  There are significant up-front costs we pay out before ever billing the customer.

Is it because we have a money tree growing in the landscape behind our shop? No, not that either.  We have to monitor cash flow and conduct good business practices just like every other business.

Then why, oh why, do we not accept deposits, you ask?

Here’s why: Rule 1 of kitchenCRATE is the customers must feel comfortable.

After all, we’re coming in and interrupting their lives for a week or two.  We’re bringing strange workers into their home.  We’re tearing into their cabinets and countertops and drywall from the moment we arrive.  We’re already creating some element of discomfort just by implementing the remodel.  The least we can do is ensure the customer has complete fiscal control over the project and doesn’t pay a cent until they approve the work.

It’s really that simple.  We want the customer to know they are in the driver’s seat, this is their project, and they have final say on what is “excellent work worth paying for.”

It’s up to kitchenCRATE to figure out the financial management side of the business…

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