• The kitchenBOX team is hard at work today on our next project, a complete kitchenBOX renovation on Buckboard Way in Richmond, CA.

    Why the Homeowner Chose kitchenBOX

    The Buckboard Way clients moved into their new home in early 2011.

    They loved the location, the layout of the home, the spacious backyard and many other features of the home. However, the 1980’s kitchen had to go.  After exploring different remodel concepts, they decided kitchenBOX was a great value and a perfect fit for one main reason: the homeowner loved the kitchen layout, they just didn’t like the dated look.

    The Current Kitchen Specifications

    The Buckboard Way kitchenBOX project focuses on updating the original 1986 kitchen, currently featuring:

    • High-quality yet dated oak cabinets
    • 6″ white tile countertops with (gasp!) black grout
    • 6″ tile backsplash
    • White cast-iron sink with chips and scratches
    • Economy-grade chrome faucet
    • Sheet vinyl flooring
    • A 1980′ “light box” with track lighting and articulating heads

    The kitchenBOX Project Scope

    Beginning Monday, July 9th the kitchenBOX team will be transforming this kitchen into a modern testament to new finishes.

    Starting day 1 the kitchenBOX crew will be setting the kitchenBOX, installing plastic walls for protection, demolishing the countertops and backsplash, repairing the counter sub-top, removing the doors and drawers for off-site painting, preparing the remaining cabinet boxes for prime and paint, drilling for the new door and drawer hardware and removing the light.

    During Subsequent Days, the kitchenBOX Crew Will:

    The Before Pictures

    Here are images of the current 1980’s kitchen:

    Before kitchen picture

    1980s kitchen remodel.

    old kitchen needs remodeling.

    We encourage you to check back in the coming weeks to see the finished kitchen remodel!  For email delivery of future blog posts like this project, simply subscribe below!


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