• Once, there was a client.  Let’s call her Mary.

    Mary was (and is) a great client.  Easy to work with.  Very concise with what she wanted.  Offered one point of contact throughout the job.  Paid on time.  Was gracious in every regard.


    Mary was full of fear and trepidation when it came to one important yet a small part of her kitchenCRATE project: selecting finishes.

    In fact, Mary shared with us upon project completion that she would wake up before dawn in the weeks leading up to her project, terribly worried that she would choose the wrong backsplash tile or grout color or paint color or hardware finish.  It truly affected Mary’s life.

    Can You Relate?

    Mary’s story may resonate with you.  You, like Mary, may have a heightened sense of the challenge behind choosing finishes and colors.  It is, after all, a decision that is hard to reverse once made.

    So what elements of kitchenCRATE helped calm this costumer’s conscience?  Here are a few she shared with us:

    1. Limited Selections:  Mary enjoyed the fact that kitchenCRATE starts out with a limited number of granite colors to choose from.  She especially felt this way after visiting the MSI International showroom and seeing the hundreds of granite options available.  In the end, Mary chose one of the 12 foundational kitchenCRATE granite colors and loved the results.
    2. Step-by-Step Process: Mary loved the simple, Step-by-Step process kitchenCRATE offers.  Does knowing the next step eliminate anxiety? No.  But it sure helps in assessing what’s next and planning for the decision.
    3. Email Reminders:  Throughout the kitchenCRATE process, Mary’s project manager sent her emails, sometimes daily, updating her on the project status, reminding her what step she is on, and offering advice on making decisions.  Mary tells us this constant communication helped her keep calm and focused on the goal.

    Mary Helped Us Improve

    As a result of working with Mary, kitchenCRATE added Step 4 to the kitchenCRATE process: the interior design meeting.

    So, not only do kitchenCRATE customers get expert advice from their project manager but hey also get a free two-hour session with a certified, professional interior designer.  During this meeting, kitchenCRATE clients review their selections, make additional decisions, get tips on how to decorate their kitchenCRATE project once the work is complete and in general have yet another advocate on their team as they navigate the remodel waters.

    Mary taught us an area of our business where we could improve.  So we did.  And for that, we thank her.

    Curious how kitchenCRATE can transform your kitchen in 7 days? Just fill out the simple form on the top right side of this page and we’ll be sure to get right back to you!

    Scott Monday Founder and CEO of Trinity Renovation, Inc., the parent company of kitchenCRATE.  Learn more about Scott Monday on Google+ or on Facebook.

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