When purchasing their home in early 2011, the Schwartz family had a list.

You know it: the list of what they “had to have.” On that list was a very functional kitchen.  Being a young family with a new child on the way, the kitchen needed to be open, inviting and easy to navigate.

Turning Functional into Beautiful

And they found just that.  A great U-shaped kitchen, open to the living room, with lots of counter space and a very functional layout.

Unfortunately, this specific kitchen also came with white tile countertops, black grout, dated oak cabinets, track lighting with large articulating heads and very standard 1980’s sheet vinyl.

And that’s where kitchenCRATE came in.  In just 7 days the kitchenCRATE team turned this:

kitchen remodel before.

into this:

kitchen remodel after.

The Homeowner Experience

Upon completing the project, we received this email from the homeowner.  Allow us to share Mrs. Schwartz’s experience:

“Since doing our kitchen remodel with kitchenCRATE there is one thing that every person who walks into the space says: ‘Wow, this doesn’t even look like the same room!’ And they’re right, the transformation is really amazing. Gone are the dated 80’s look tile and grout and cabinets. No more yellowed porcelain sink and ineffective garbage disposal. Now, all the surfaces sparkle and shine and look (and work!) exactly the way I’d hoped they would.

And that’s great. Fantastic, in fact. I’m over the moon with the final results. My husband has to keep telling me to ‘stop staring at the kitchen.’

But what really, really made the experience for me was the level of service we received during the project. Disclaimer: I super anxious by nature. And work on my house makes me really, really nervous. But kitchenBOX made me feel comfortable in every phase of the job.

In the planning phase, they walked me through all the choices I had for the various finishes, etc, explaining things carefully and being really patient with all my questions. Our project manager stayed in communication with me and made sure I knew what was happening and when choices needed to be made.

During the job, the crew arrived on time every single day and treated my home and my family (including our annoying dog) with absolute respect. They even vacuumed, swept and dusted any mess they’d created that day before leaving each evening.

And, most helpfully, my kitchenCRATE Project Manager was in regular contact with me during the job. He’d brief me each morning on what work would be done. He’d text me photos of progress throughout the day and then he’d call me each evening with an update from that day and a start time for the next day. I never ever had to chase him or the crew for information or wonder where we stood on a given day. I was never ‘left hanging,’as I have been by so many other companies I’ve hired to do work on my home. My stress level was overall really low because I knew we were in good hands.

All that and they finished exactly on time and on budget. Seems too good to be true, right? With most companies, I’d say yes. But with kitchenCRATE, it’s just the way they roll.” – Meredith Schwartz

Day-by-Day Progress

Here’s how we did it:

Day 1 – Demo Day!  On this first day, we set up plastic walls to protect the home from dust, covered the path-of-travel from the door to the kitchen to protect the flooring, and then went to town removing the appliances, countertop, backsplash, cabinet doors and drawers, and old lighting.  Toward the end of the day, we created the template for the new granite countertops, which take a few days to fabricate off-site.

Day 2 – While the granite was being fabricated, the kitchenCRATE team installed 6 new can lights in the kitchen and, since we were already there, 6 new can lights in the adjacent living room.

Day 3 – After protecting the walls and the ceilings, our painters began preparing and priming the cabinets.  Using a high-grade oil-based primer, every inch of the cabinets, inside and out, was sanded and primed.  This is the first step of creating a durable paint finish.

Day 4 – After thoroughly sanding the primed cabinets, the painters applied two coats of Kelly-Moore Dura-Poxy paint in Antique White.  This same priming and painting process was used on the doors and drawers, which are painted off-site in a climate-controlled paint booth for the highest possible quality.

Day 5 – The capable team at AAI Tile in Salida arrived to install Giallo Ornamentale granite countertops with a bullnose edge.  This polished granite with warm earth-tones was a clever complement to the white cabinets.

Day 6 – Once again, AAI Tile was back on-site, this time to install the Daltile Urban Putty 6″x3″ semi-gloss subway tile backspalsh.  The exceptional gloss and thin grout lines of this backsplash create a surface that brightens the room and is also easy to maintain.

For the next three days, the Owner had new wood flooring, carpeting, and baseboards installed in the kitchen and adjacent living room, allowing the kitchen BOX team to take a bit of a break!

Day 7 – The final day of the project included an array of “touch-up” items: the cabinet doors, drawers and hardware were installed, all outlets and switches were replaced, all walls and ceilings were painted, the appliances were installed and the entire project was cleaned, top-to-bottom.

Sure, it’s a challenge to meet the 7-day schedule when there are a few kitchenCRATE add-ons included.  But it’s these small items that make a huge difference when the project is finished.

A lot happens in 7 days! Here’s a short video showing what kitchenCRATE did over the course of 7 days:


Before and After

Take a look at the side-by-side results for this project:

before and after kitchen remodel.

kitchen remodel modesto, CA

kitchen stove remodel.

new cabinets, flooring, countertops.

brand new appliances.

Kitchen Renovation Technical Details

Countertop: Giallo Ornamentale granite

Cabinet Finish: Kelly-Moore Dura-Poxy paint in Behr Antique White

Backsplash: Daltile Urban Putty 6″x3″ semi-gloss subway tile

Sink: K-3820-4 Kohler two-compartment sink

Faucet: K-647 Kohler faucet in a satin nickel finish

Garbage Disposal: InSinkErator Bager 5 garbage disposal

Wood Flooring: Mohawk Bayview in Toasted Chestnut

Appliances: Frigidaire Professional (Supplied by Homeowner)

Is Your Kitchen Next?

Perhaps the Buckboard Way kitchen reminds you of your kitchen. Perhaps you like the layout of your kitchen and the cabinets are in good condition, but you are ready for a completely new look and feel.  KitchenCRATE can make this happen in just a few days and for an amazingly low price.

Just contact us to schedule your phone consultation using our online scheduling system.  Or feel free to call us direct during business hours at 888-995-7996!

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