At the end of this project, its safe to say the common reaction was: “Ahhhhh, much better!”

Homeowners Kent and Vicki took the kitchenCRATE concept to a whole new level! Sure, their kitchen was elevated to a breathtaking level. But more importantly, they allowed this impressive look to ooze into three more rooms of their home.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll learn the details of this project, our most extensive kitchenCRATE to date!  Keep scrolling to find out how the first “laundryCRATE” turned out and also see the difference some Travertine flooring can make to a living room. High fives all around!

The Homeowner’s Kitchen Renovation Experience

The kitchenCRATE team asked Mr. & Mrs. Bauman (the homeowners) a few questions regarding their experience. Here’s what they said:

What was your favorite part of the kitchenCRATE process?

My favorite part of the KitchenBox process was the amount of time it took. We took on not only a kitchen but a huge laundry room, dinette, and den. Along the way I would add extra projects like painting the fireplace and changing my wall color. With these add-on projects, we were still done in three weeks. That is amazing.

What was your favorite part about the kitchenCRATE team?

My favorite part of about the kitchenCRATE team was their professionalism, their kind, caring attitude, and their cleanliness. First of all two of the employees were former students when I taught music many years ago. It was so great to see how they had grown up to be such wonderful men. All of them were fun to visit with…sharing stories about our families. Every day before they left they cleaned up everything so I was never left with a mess.

It was a wonderful experience. Now I have a beautiful kitchen, laundry, den, and dinette. I love to cook and now I’m excited to cook in such a beautiful kitchen. Looking forward to sharing it with family and friends.

Thank you to all who made this happen…..kitchenCRATE rocks! 

Day by Day Progress

Here’s how we did it:

Day 1 – Demo Day!  On this first day, we set up plastic walls to protect the home from dust, protected the entire floor with building paper, and then went to town removing the appliances, countertop, backsplash, plumbing fixtures, cabinet doors, and drawers.  This also included the demolition of all the same elements of the laundry room. We removed the enormous lightbox in order to make room for LED can-lighting. Toward the end of the day we created the template for the new granite countertops, which take a few days to fabricate off-site.  Lastly, we removed the old linoleum flooring, in order to make room for the Travertine tiles.

Day 2 – More demo!  With four rooms in the mix, the flooring demo was extensive, so our crews were back at it.  Concurrently, the electrical team began the wiring for the new LED can lighting, described in more detail below.

Day 3 – Since all the walls and the ceilings were protected, our painters began preparing and priming the cabinets.  Using a high-grade oil-based primer, every inch of the kitchen and laundry room cabinet exteriors and interiors were caulked, sanded and primed.  This is the first (and perhaps most critical) step of creating a durable paint finish.

Day 4 – The painters then applied two coats of Kelly-Moore Durapoxy Paint to match Behr Stone Hearth to the thoroughly sanded, primed cabinets.  This same priming and painting process was used on the doors and drawers, which are painted off-site in a climate-controlled paint booth for the highest possible quality.

Day 5 – Now that the surface-mounted light box was removed, electricians got to work installing the pattern-specific LED can lighting.  Five  4″ LED can lights were placed strategically around the kitchen and five more around the laundry room. These lights are installed to maximize light levels for the most common countertop uses. The old recessed light box hole was patched with sheet-rock, textured and painted.

Day 6 – The capable team at AAI Granite & Tile arrived to install the beautiful Blanco Blancoprecis undermounted sink in Biscuit and the MSI Typhoon Bordeaux countertops with a mitered edge at both kitchen and laundry room countertops.

Day 7 – AAI Granite & Tile was back on-site, this time to install the  6 x 3 x 1/2 inch Bedrosians TRV Torreon36T with gloss finish accented with an  Emser Lucente Regale Linear mosaic tile.

Day 8 – AAI Granite & Tile returned one last time to add Laticrete mushroom grout to the backsplash.

Day 9-10 – AAI was a huge part of this project as they returned for a fourth and fifth day to begin installing the 13 x 13 Tilecrest walnut Travertine floors to the kitchen and adjacent laundry room, dinette and living room.

Day 11 – As a last minute add-on, the homeowners decided to bring this renovation full circle by painting the adjacent living room and fireplace brick. By matching the original kitchen and dining room colors, the kitchenBOX team was able to tie all adjoined rooms together with a flowing color palette.

Day 12 –  Lastly, the kitchenCRATE team installed the homeowner’s previous appliances.  The transformation then hit the home stretch with the installation of the freshly-painted cabinet doors and drawers. The final day of the project included an array of “touch-up” items: all outlets and switches were replaced in almond color, the Kohler faucet was installed and the entire project was cleaned, top-to-bottom.

Before and After Photos

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Does this kitchen look familiar? Have you been lying awake at night envisioning a kitchen just like Neosho Court? Perhaps you like the layout of your kitchen and the cabinets are in good condition, but you are ready for a completely new look and feel.  KitchenCRATE can make this happen in just a few days and for an amazingly low price.

Just click here to schedule your phone consultation using our online scheduling system.  Or feel free to call us direct during business hours at 888-995-7996!

Scott Monday (email) is Founder and CEO of kitchenCRATE. Learn more about Scott by calling us or on Facebook.

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