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    Have you ever met someone who is just able to make things look good?  You trust their eye and you know that if they’re involved with a project it’s sure to look amazing.  They’re just, well, gifted in this regard…

    That’s Casey Soderlund, a certified interior designer and a key member of the kitchenCRATE design team. (As well as the designer behind all the kitchenCRATE logos, signs, vehicle wraps and marketing materials.)

    Casey’s unique skill-set allows her to work closely with a homeowner to come up with impressive color and material pallets for kitchenCRATE projects.  And her style is right in line with everything kitchenCRATE stands for:  she’s not pushy with her opinion, but she’ll certainly offer her design perspective in a humble yet convincing way.  She works with a range of customer types, including those with a strong design inclination as well as those who need immense guidance or perhaps feel overwhelmed with the process.

    Born in New Zealand and raised in California, Casey pursued her passion for interior design at Sacramento State University, graduating in 2007 with a degree in Interior Design.  After a few years working in an architectural firm, Casey formed her own design company specializing in interior and graphic design.  Oh, and along the way, she became LEED certified. (No easy task!)

    As an original contributor to the kitchenCRATE development team, Casey helped create the interior design process.  She now consults on each kitchen & bath CRATE project, ensuring the customer gets just the right design to match their style.

    Casey, her husband, and their daughter make their home in Modesto, California.  They enjoy traveling, serving the youth of the community and watching episodes of Friday Night Lights on a continuous loop…

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