Have you ever met someone who just knows how to do things the right way?

You know if you ask them to do something, they will do it perfectly, every time, no matter what it takes? They simply put in the maximum effort possible, because they care?  They truly care?

Well, kitchenCRATE has just that guy, and his name is Jared Oller.

Jared is CEO of Trinity Renovation, Inc., the company that started the kitchenCRATE and bathCRATE concepts.  And more to the point, Jared is the man who makes sure kitchenCRATE projects go off without a hitch.

So how did Jared acquire his vast construction knowledge?  Well, like most folks skilled in the trades, Jared’s been “doing construction”  since graduating high school.  His professional career began with Young Construction in 2000.  As an assistant superintendent, Jared learned what it took to assemble commercial and residential projects from the ground up.

In 2006, Jared took a job with Huff Construction of Modesto, primarily to avoid the extensive travel that became a staple of his previous employer.  For the next 4 years, Jared helped grow Huff’s newest division, both running commercial and residential projects and performing skilled trade work.

In 2010, Jared left Huff Construction to launch his own venture, JSO Construction.  After partnering with Trinity Renovation dozens of projects, JSO and Trinity Renovation merged in early 2012, with Jared taking a role as Vice President of the company and then being appointed CEO in 2015.

So what makes Jared tick?  What makes him get up each day and execute his projects flawlessly?  It’s pretty simple: a never-ending desire to build things the right way.  In an industry tarnished by unqualified, uninsured, unlicensed untrustworthy contractors, Jared believes in treating customers the right way and producing results he can be proud of.

He has, after all, been doing just that his whole career.

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