kitchenCRATE Refinish

When all you need is a fresh set of cabinets and new cabinet hardware, kitchenCRATE Refinish will have you loving them once again!

Starting at 4 days and $4k…

KitchenCRATE Refinish is a natural offshoot of the kitchenCRATE offerings. Many customers didn’t need the entire kitchenCRATE scope of services, just a new look for their cabinets. Created in 2014 and launched in 2015, kitchenCRATE Refinish uses only the best materials and methods to refinish dated cabinets. The result, either painted or re-stained cabinets and al new cabinet hardware, certainly speak for themselves.


  • Protection of your home, just like we’d do in our own home, including a dust wall, ventilation and covering of all flooring from the kitchen to the home entrance.
  • Complete cabinet refinishing (painted or re-stained) using only the best Kelly-Moore products, such as Durapoxy paint and lacquer primer.
  • Replacement of all cabinet hardware (hinges & pulls), immediately updating the overall look and feel of the kitchen.
  • Wall and ceiling paint touch-up as needed, or, for a small additional cost, repainting of all walls and ceilings in any color Kelly-Moore makes.
  • Professional cleaning of project upon completion.

Right For You If…

  • Your home was built after 1960.
  • You love your countertops and backsplash, but your tired-looking cabinets just have to go.
  • Your cabinet doors and drawer faces are in a style that you like but just need refinishing.
  • Your budget is between $4,000 and $6,000.
kitchenCRATE Refinish

How We Do It

  • Before the Job – You choose your cabinet color and hardware from our simple selection box, delivered to you upon signing the contract!
  • Day 1 – Protect home, remove appliances as needed, remove doors and doors.
  • Day 2 – Cabinet preparation and prime
  • Day 3 – Cabinet paint
  • Day 4 – Wall and ceiling paint, cabinet hardware install, appliance install, professional clean.
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