This is another great example of our kitchenCRATE Custom product. The original kitchen design is something we commonly see with homes built in the late 1980s – oak cabinets, white tile with brown grout, and a small kitchen area that doesn’t provide much space for cooking. For this family, the kitchen is the most commonly used room in the house so we wanted to expand this space. The sliding glass door was hardly used and so we opted to have it removed to expand the kitchen to the entire length of the room. In the center, there is a beautiful new stovetop area that provides a lovely focal point when you first enter the kitchen space. We also installed an island with darker cabinets to provide a nice contrast between the cabinetry. To finish the project, we installed new LED lighting, new pendant lighting and new flooring, all of which helped this project come together.

We also completed three bathrooms in this home – blog posts coming soon! View the master bathroom below:

But don’t just take our word on how well this job turned out.  Look below for the project specifications and extensive before and after pictures!

Project Complete Pictures

(Click each image to enjoy a larger view.)


Technical Details

Are you next?

Perhaps the Belharbour Drive kitchen reminds you of your kitchen. Perhaps you need a better layout with more functionality plus you want a completely new look and feel. KitchenCRATE Custom can make this happen in just as little as 18 days.

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