What If

KitchenCRATE was built on on simple phrase: what if?

What if we could create a kitchen remodel system that would only take 7 days to implement?

What if we could remodel a standard kitchen for less than $15,000?

What if we could make the selection of materials and colors an enjoyable experience?

What if we could turn a historically stressful and messy process (kitchen remodeling) into a quick, efficient, minimally-impacting event?

And since we’ve started, there’s been one “what if” that’s eluded us and our customers, until today:

What if we could offer a kitchenCRATE for one low monthly payment?

Click here to read the details of our new financing option for San Joaquin County!

Scott Monday (email) is Founder and CEO of Trinity Renovation, Inc., the parent company of kitchenCRATE.  Learn more about Scott at Google+ or on Facebook.

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