kitchenCRATE Refinish

Today marks the launch of the first kitchenCRATE stand-alone product: kitchenCRATE Refinish!

Intended for customers that need just cabinet refinishing, kitchenCRATE Refinish uses an amazing 7-step process to turn old, dingy cabinets into beautiful new cabinets ready for decades of service.

KitchenCRATE Refinish includes:

  • Protection of the home and surrounding areas
  • Removal of doors and drawers for refinishing in an off-site controlled environment
  • Preparation of all cabinets surfaces (Filling of holes, caulking of joints, etc.)
  • Complete cabinet refinishing
  • Replacement of cabinet pulls and hinges
  • Re-installation of doors and drawers
  • Thorough commercial clean of the kitchen, top to bottom
  • Optional replacement of doors and drawer faces
  • Optional upgrade to concealed and/or soft-close hinges

To learn more details about kitchenCRATE Refinish, see each of the 7-steps unfold and sign up for a free estimate, visit the kitchenCRATE Refinish launch page by clicking here!

Need a few examples of what kitchenCRATE Refinish can do?  Here you go!


kC Mockingbird 05

After kC Santa Paula 13

2013-10-14_0009 After kC Chenault 10


Interested in kitchenCRATE Refinish for your home? Click here to start the process!

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