• When Ms. Salvatore purchased her Riverbank home last year she immediately poured time and energy into beautiful floors, fresh wall paint, and clever decor.  Within weeks, she made her new home feel like home. The last piece of her puzzle, a kitchen remodel, was put on hold…. until now!

    Focus on the Details

    Ms. Salvatore put many loving details into this house to make it her home and it was no different from her kitchen.  Her main goal: an eye-popping update to this semi-custom home.  Unfortunately, her original kitchen featured cream tile countertops, wide grout joints (try to keep those clean!), dated oak cabinets, an entry-level white cast iron sink, and dark bronze drawer and door pulls.

    In just 7 days the kitchenCRATE team turned this:

    Double Eagle Ct - Before

    Into this:

    Double Eagle Ct - Complete


    The Homeowner’s Experience

    The kitchenCRATE team asked Ms. Salvatore a few questions regarding her experience.  Here’s what she said:

    What was your favorite part of the kitchenCRATE process?

    My kitchenCRATE project started with a strict request on a completion date and a very fast timeline.  The design crew and planning department stepped up to the challenge, even offering a Saturday visit to select granite!

    What was your favorite part about the kitchenCRATE team?

    The team at kitchenBOX is trustworthy, work with pride and are very polite.  My favorite experience is listening to the crew describe what they do and how they wouldn’t imagine doing less in my kitchen than they would do in their own homes.  It’s clear that the best talent is at hand and their pride of workmanship comes through.

    Was there anything about the process or project that surprised you? If so, what was it?

    It was amazing to watch the tight time frame unfold right in front of my eyes.  The time-lapse photos provided daily updates even with me being out of my home.  Most importantly, the communication on the progress was often being done without request.

    I’m very happy with the outcome and look forward to seeing many more projects come into fruition under the kitchenBOX name and at the hands of very talented people.  I would strongly recommend this group to my closest friends.

    Day by Day Kitchen Renovation Process

    Here’s how we did it:

    Day 1 – Demo Day!  On this first day, we set up plastic walls to protect the home from dust, protected the entire floor with masonite and paper, and then went to town removing the appliances, countertop, backsplash, cabinet doors, and drawers.  Toward the end of the day, we created the template for the new granite countertops, which take a few days to fabricate off-site. Lastly, our expert carpenters extended the island countertop 4″ and installed steel supports to eliminate the need for corbels.

    Day 2 – After protecting the walls and the ceilings, our painters began preparing and priming the cabinets.  Using a high-grade oil-based primer, every inch of the cabinet exteriors (no need to paint the melamine interiors), was caulked, sanded and primed.  This is the first (and perhaps most critical) step of creating a durable paint finish.

    Day 3 – After thoroughly sanding the primed cabinets, the painters applied two coats of Kelly-Moore Dura-Poxy paint in Creme’ de Caramel.  This same priming and painting process was used on the doors and drawers, which are painted off-site in a climate-controlled paint booth for the highest possible quality.

    Day 4 – The capable team at AAI Granite & Tile in Salida arrived to install the beautiful Kholer Brookfield sink in cashmere and the Bianco Antico granite countertops with a 1.5 inch mitered edge.  This polished granite with warm earth-tones was a fantastic compliment to the Creme’de Caramel cabinets.

    Day 5 – Once again, AAI Granite & Tile was back on-site, this time to install the MSI Royal Oaks Blend Int Tile backsplash.  The exceptional gloss stone blend and thin grout lines of this backsplash creates a surface that brightened the room and is easy to clean.

    Day 6 – AAI Granite & Tile returned one last time to add Bostik Alabaster grout to the backsplash.  The transformation then hit the home stretch with the re-installation of the freshly painted cabinet doors and drawers.  Next, the kitchenBOX team installed new pulls and knobs in a “barrel” style with a nickel finish.  To finish out the day we installed a new wine refrigerator for Ms. Salvatore in the freshly-modified custom cabinet opening.

    Day 7 – The final day of the project included an array of “touch-up” items: all outlets and switches were replaced in an almond finish, new owner-provided appliances were installed, wall paint was touched-up and the entire project was cleaned, top-to-bottom.

    Sure, it’s a challenge to meet the 7-day schedule when there are a few kitchenCRATE add-ons included.   But it’s these small items that make a huge difference when the project is finished.

    Curious what these 7 days looked like? Here’s a time lapse video showing the entire project in just a few minutes:

    Before and After Kitchen Renovation Pictures!

    Please enjoy a few side-by-side results for this project:

    Double Eagle Ct Before/After


    before and after kitchen renovation

    kitchen remodel.

    Technical Details

    Countertop: Bianco Antico granite

    Cabinet Finish: Kelly-Moore Dura-Poxy paint in Creme’ de Caramel.

    Backsplash: MSI Royal Oak Blend, glossy natural stone.

    Grout: Bostik Alabaster grout

    Sink: Kholer Brookfield 2 sided undermount sink in Cashmere

    Garbage Disposal: InSinkErator Bager 5 garbage disposal

    Door and Drawer Pulls: Home Depot 3350SN Satin Nickel

    In Need of a Kitchen Renovation? Call Today!

    Perhaps the Double Eagle Court kitchen reminds you of your kitchen. Do you like the layout of your kitchen? Are in good condition? KitchenCRATE has a few options when taking on a kitchen renovation. Contact us today to learn how to make this happen in just a few days and for an amazingly low price.

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