• As you’ve probably noticed, CRATE is in growth mode! And how could we pass up working with a guy like new project manager Jerrimy Anderson? Let’s get to know this fantastic new team member with a little Q & A, shall we?

    What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

    Travel for sure. I try to leave the country about twice a year for a week at a time: one family trip and one trip with childhood friends. I’ve now been to 26 countries and 5 continents.

    I also love food. I’m not a picky foodie. I just love all food.

    Lastly, I love all genres of music except country. I also play guitar, mainly acoustic, and try to hit as many concerts as possible.

    Where were you born and raised?

    I was born in San Diego. We moved to the Merced area when I was around five. Since then I’ve lived in Merced and then Atwater.

    Tell us about your family, Jerrimy.

    My wife, Susan, and I were close friends Sophomore and Junior years of high school, and finally started dating the summer before Senior year. We’ve been together for 22 years and married for 16 years.

    I have 3 biological children, plus my little sister. We raised my sister (who is currently 25-years-old) from age six through adulthood. We then started having our own kids: 10-year-old Lily, 3-year-old Jerrimy Jr. and Paisley, now 4 months old, and just starting to roll over. We have 2 dogs: Sparkles California and Hodor.

    Let’s give Jerrimy a warm CRATE welcome!

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