• You ever heard of a Gantt chart?

    I know, sounds like something found in a hospital.

    “I’m sorry sir, but according to your Gantt chart, we’ve no choice but to amputate.”

    Drat!  Nothing ruins a day like an amputation.

    Alas, a Gantt chart has little to do with health care or amputation.  Rather, a Gantt chart is a chart used to schedule multi-task projects, like kitchenCRATE.

    So what does this have to do with YOU?

    The kitchenCRATE team sets up Gantt charts for each job using Microsoft Project.  We’re not big Microsoft fans, per se, but it’s the most simple program we’ve found for scheduling.  Take a look at this schedule created for our next kitchenCRATE project (click on either image to enlarge):

    Page 1

    Page 1


    Page 2

    As you can see, the two-page schedule covers every kitchenCRATE task for this project.  This allows the customer to track progress during construction and keeps the kitchenCRATE team on task and on schedule.  If a task is not completed on the assigned day, we know there’s a problem we need to fix.

    For some, this may scream obvious.  But in construction, it’s rare your contractor creates a schedule, let alone gives you a copy.

    “I’ve been doing this for 30 years! I could run this job in my sleep!”  And then they finish two weeks behind…

    A quick note about this particular schedule: as you can see, this kitchenCRATE job is closer to 10 days instead of 7.  Why? Because this homeowner decided to add quite a few extras to the jobs (new doors and drawers, can lighting, additional plugs and switches, new pantry doors, etc.)  A nice feature of kitchenCRATE is the ability to add items to the job, and still be completed in less time than most kitchen remodels.

    Curious what a schedule would look like for your kitchenCRATE project? Simply fill out the form on the top right side of this page, and you’ll hear from a kitchenCRATE project manager within 2 business days.  Or, give us a call at (888) 995-7996 for immediate results!

    Scott Monday (email) is Founder and CEO of Trinity Renovation, Inc., the parent company of kitchenCRATE.  Learn more about Scott at Google+ or on Facebook.

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