kCC Del Rio Drive is our fourth kitchenCRATE Custom project we have completed this year. Although this kitchen may not visually look very different at first glance, the quality of the cabinets, the new appliance layout and design materials chosen really make this kitchen look so much more updated and functional. The new stovetop area with hood creates a nice focal point for this kitchen and then the microwave was moved from the stove area to the island for easier access. Per customer’s request, we moved the dishwasher from the right side of the sink to the left and a trash pull-out was installed in the old dishwasher location. The coffee bar area was enhanced with a new backsplash, and over at the island, a whole new island was built with lots of storage cabinets on either side along with outlets. As you can tell, these homeowners love the color grey, but with the new contrasting darker island color, the kitchen appears to be much bigger and the grey tones are brighter in this space. This kitchen is absolutely beautiful. After the project was completed, we refinished their kitchen table to match their new kitchen (as shown below).

But don’t just take our word on how well this job turned out.  Look below for the project specifications and extensive before and after pictures!

 Project Complete Pictures

(Click each image to enjoy a larger view.)


Technical Details

Are you next?

Perhaps the Del Rio Drive kitchen reminds you of your kitchen. Perhaps you need a better layout with more functionality plus you want a completely new look and feel. KitchenCRATE Custom can make this happen in just as little as 15 days.

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