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kitchenCRATE Products


When all you need is a fresh set of cabinets and new cabinet hardware, kitchenCRATE Refinish will have you loving them once again!

Starting at 4 days and $4k…

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The original kitchenCRATE remodel is a high-end refinishing of the major components of your kitchen. The perfect answer to tile counters with ugly grout and way-past-their-prime cabinets and plumbing fixtures.

Starting at 7 days and $15k…

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The next level of kitchenCRATE replaces or refinishes every surface of your kitchen, making it ready to delight houseguests and giving you a remarkable place in which to cook, entertain and enjoy life.

Starting at 11 days and $19k…

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kC Custom

KitchenCRATE Custom was yet another response to customer demand: clients wanted the quality and speed of kitchenCRATE but with all new custom cabinets. So here we are in 2017, ready to answer the requests of our fans by creating a new product just for you!

Starting at 15 days and $26k…

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bathCRATE Products


The bathCRATE Classic remodel is a high-end refinishing of the major components of your bathroom. Ideal when the vanity and shower are stuck in decades past and your plumbing fixtures are soon-to-be antiques!

Starting at 7 days and $10k…

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The next level of bathCRATE, the bathCRATE Premium remodel, provides a completely new bathroom from floor to ceiling. Everything you see as you walk in will be fresh, clean, new and ready for decades of enjoyment.

Starting at 10 days and $14k…

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