Perhaps you need a kitchen or bathroom remodel. You want it delivered with excellent quality, on time and for a fair price, right? Here’s how you’d do it. Contact us and our team will come out, define the project scope, provide a written proposal and then, upon approval, design your entire project. One day before your project begins we’ll deliver your specific CRATE, filled with all the materials and equipment needed to accomplish your job. Our crews will then complete you project in 7-12 working days. Really, it’s that simple.

kitchenCRATE Products


When all you need is a fresh set of cabinets and new cabinet hardware, kitchenCRATE Refinish will have you loving them once again!

Starting at 4 days and $4k…

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The original kitchenCRATE remodel is a high-end refinishing of the major components of your kitchen. The perfect answer to tile counters with ugly grout and way-past-their-prime cabinets and plumbing fixtures.

Starting at 7 days and $15k…

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The next level of kitchenCRATE replaces or refinishes every surface of your kitchen, making it ready to delight houseguests and giving you a remarkable place in which to cook, entertain and enjoy life.

Starting at 11 days and $19k…

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bathCRATE Products


The bathCRATE Classic remodel is a high-end refinishing of the major components of your bathroom. Ideal when the vanity and shower are stuck in decades past and your plumbing fixtures are soon-to-be antiques!

Starting at 7 days and $10k…

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The next level of bathCRATE, the bathCRATE Premium remodel, provides a completely new bathroom from floor to ceiling. Everything you see as you walk in will be fresh, clean, new and ready for decades of enjoyment.

Starting at 10 days and $14k…

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