Frequently Asked Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Questions

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The Plan

What is kitchen & bath CRATE?

Kitchen & bath CRATE is quick, high-quality remodel system created by Scott Monday in 2012. After years of building commercial and custom residential projects, Scott realized clients want two things for their remodel: timely completion and exceptional quality. He went to work building a system that delivers top-quality projects in a short amount of time at a great value. Thus, kitchen & bath CRATE was born.

Where did the names kitchenCRATE & bathCRATE come from?

A key element of a CRATE renovation is speedy execution. One tool we use to accomplish this is a CRATE in front of the house throughout the project. The CRATE is pre-loaded with all the materials and equipment needed to complete the project. This saves time by increasing worker productivity.

How do I know if I'm a good CRATE Candidate?

The ideal kitchenCRATE and/or bathCRATE candidate has a home built between 1970 and 2015. Homes built during this time typically have a good layout but dated finishes, making them an ideal candidate for CRATE. In addition, homes of this vintage usually have high-quality kitchen cabinets, making them ideal for a refinish instead of replacement. And now with kitchenCRATE Custom, we also offer complete renovations including new cabinets should that be a better fit for your dream kitchen.

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Do I have to be home throughout the duration of the project?

The CRATE process is unique in the extent of planning that goes into the job prior to construction. Such planning tends to make the construction phase the easiest part of the project. We’ve had many customers leave town during most or all of the construction phase, coming home to a completed renovation. We’ve also had customers watch our crews work nearly every hour of the day. To each their own, but your presence is not required during the construction phase.

How does CRATE accommodate my pets during construction?

We understand your pets are part of your family. During the launch meeting we’ll ask you a series of questions related to your pets and how we can ensure their comfort and safety during construction.

I live in a gated community with strict parking and access rules. Is that okay?

Absolutely! We’ve worked with many different HOA communities and we’ll figure out a solution that works for everyone. At times this means the CRATE is parked in your driveway instead of on the street, but our skilled delivery drivers can certainly handle such an undertaking!

Do you carry general liability, workers comp, and auto insurance?

We carry $2,000,000 of coverage for general liability and $1,000,000 for workers comp and auto insurance. We’d be more than happy to provide proof of insurance at a moments notice!

The Project

Is the CRATE work guaranteed?

Of course! We offer a 2-year warranty on workmanship and materials. California state law only requires one year, but that just seems too short to us.

How long will my project take?

CRATE projects are completed in anywhere from a week to a few months, depending on the project scope. More importantly, you’ll receive a complete day-by-day project schedule at your pre-construction (launch) meeting, which takes place 1-2 weeks before construction begins. If we fail to substantially complete your project in accordance with the schedule, we credit you $250 per day for each day you’re without your kitchen or bathroom. That’s right: if we’re late, we pay you!

What if I want to add things to my CRATE project?

Originally started as a fairly limited remodel concept, kitchen & bath CRATE now offers extensive custom residential services, including structural modification needed to achieve your remodeling goals. From simple, quick and affordable kitchen & bathroom facelifts to whole-house renovations, CRATE has you covered! Not sure if your project is a CRATE candidate? Click here to schedule a phone consultation with a member of the CRATE team!

What cabinet painting method does CRATE use?

We only use spray-applied products for cabinet refinishing over a compatible primer. Your doors and drawers are painted in an off-site spray booth and your cabinet “boxes” are sprayed onsite.

Will I have any access to my kitchen or bathroom at all during the work period? What about the rest of my house, can I be there while the work is going on?

Approximately 95% of CRATE projects take place while the home is occupied, so our team is very used to accommodating the needs of you and your family.

You’ll have access to your kitchen and/or bathroom during the remodel at the end of each work day. Please note, most (if not all) of the amenities will be removed from day one, rendering the room fairly useless (other than admiring the daily progress!). In addition, we’ll set up plastic barriers for dust control, so access into and out of the room will be a bit inconvenient.

If your kitchen or bathroom is the only passage between two parts of your home, we’ll be sure access is maintained as much as possible at all times.

The Payment

How does the CRATE pricing work?

Each CRATE project is priced individually after your free in-home collaboration session. That way, you can see the cost behind each facet of your project and make the best possible decision on how to move forward.

If you’d like to dive a bit deeper into your kitchenCRATE and/or bathCRATE project estimate, click here to try our online calculator. By answering a few simple questions, you’ll get a general idea of your remodel cost.

Do you require a deposit?

We do not require a deposit, however, on the first day of construction, we require a 35% progress payment to partially cover the items procured thus far. Your kitchen & bath CRATE sales professional will gladly discuss all of this with you well before the contract is signed!

What payment methods can I use for my CRATE? Do you offer financing?

Check is always preferred, but we do have other financing options available should you prefer!

Video Answers

How do I prepare for my kitchenCRATE Custom Meeting?

Hear from kitchen & bath CRATE founder, Scott Monday on how to prepare for your meeting and upcoming remodel.

Is kitchen & bath CRATE Pet-Friendly?

Looking for a pet-friendly remodeling company? Jessica and Scott discuss how kitchen & bath CRATE works with homeowners and pets to create a stress-free environment.

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