• Meet the CRATE Team!

    Scott Monday
    Chief Executive Officer

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    Jake Shuman
    Director of Operations

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    Carrie Rager
    Director of Finance & Administration

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    Paula Jones
    Customer Experience Manager

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    Chris Burger
    Customer Relationship Professional

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    Daniel Osuna
    Customer Relationship Professional

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    Richard Parks
    Project Manager

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    Aaron Mitchell
    Project Manager

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    Brian Porter
    Fabrication Manager

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    Brianne Jones
    Project Administrator

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    Casey Soderlund
    Interior Designer

    Lindsay Kjellberg
    Interior Designer

    Willy Stevens!

    While it would be difficult to introduce you to each team member, we’d like you to meet our latest CRATE Core Value Award winner, Analito Rama!

    Congratulations to our latest CRATE Core Value Award winner: Analito Rama The CRATE Core Value Award is given once a quarter to an employee that embodies our 5 core values as a company: 1) Authentic, 2) Self-Motivated, 3) Open-Minded, 4) Full of Belief, and 5) High Integrity. As a vital team member, Lito embodies all of these characteristics!

    Lito is a jack-of-all-trades and an integral member of our team. 🔨 When Lito’s not transforming your dream kitchens & bathrooms, you’ll find him spending quality time with his family!

    Thank you for all your hard work + a fabulous quarter! Cheers to you, Lito