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    Scott Monday
    Chief Executive Officer

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    Jake Shuman
    Director of Operations

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    Carrie Rager
    Office Manager

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    Jeffrey Chapman
    Director of Business Dev.

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    Chris Burger
    Project Manager

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    Willy Stevens
    Director of Sales

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    Brianne Jones
    Office Coordinator

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    Lindsay Kjellberg
    Interior Designer

    Casey Soderlund
    Interior Designer

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    Simply give us a call at (888) 995-7996.

    Willy Stevens!

    While it would be difficult to introduce you to each team member, we’d like you to meet our latest CRATE Core Value Award winner, Terry Brogdon!

    Congratulations to our latest CRATE Core Value Award winner: Terry Brogdon The CRATE Core Value Award is given once a quarter to an employee that embodies our 5 core values as a company: 1) Authentic, 2) Self-Motivated, 3) Open-Minded, 4) Full of Belief, and 5) High Integrity. As a vital team member, Terry embodies all of these characteristics!

    In his day-to-day at CRATE, Terry handles all of our sheetrock work and is truly an expert in the field. Terry has decades of experience as a sheetrock contractor running his own business, and we’re grateful he decided to join us in 2019. Terry is incredibly thorough and detial-oriented; the perfect combination for an artist! When Terry isn’t busy at work, you might spot him at a casting audition for his granddaughter that’s an aspiring actress!

    Thank you for all your hard work + a fabulous quater! Cheers to you, Terry