• Our Goal is Simple: Make Your Renovation Enjoyable

    Kitchen and bathroom renovations shouldn’t be in the same category as a root canal or a trip to the DMV. That’s why we created kitchen & bath CRATE in 2012. The CRATE approach makes a stressful, unorganized, confusing renovation a thing of the past. Here’s a glimpse of the nine easy steps to your dream kitchen or bathroom.

    Our 9 Step Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Process


    1. Phone Consultation

    Chat with a member of Team CRATE over the phone. We’ll learn more about your project, ensure CRATE is a good fit, and schedule your in-home consultation with the right member of our team.

    Scott M.   Paula J.


    2. Free In-Home Consultation

    During this 1-2 hour meeting, you’ll discuss the details of your project and we’ll get a feel for the results you’re seeking. We’ll take measurements, draw diagrams and cover any additional questions you may have about the CRATE process. You’ll visit with either:

    Chris B.     Daniel O.


    3. Proposal Review Meeting

    About a week after your in-home consultation, you and your project manager will meet to discuss each element of your project and the corresponding cost. All costs will be clearly laid out in a line-by-line proposal.


    4. Countertop Selection

    If you’re considering a natural stone countertop (like granite or quartzite) you and your CRATE project manager will take a trip to a stone showroom to choose your exact countertop material.

    View different Countertop Material Options


    5. Interior Design Meeting

    Many customers feel intimidated by the dozens of selections needing to be made for their project. That’s why we provide a free two-hour session with a certified interior designer. Together, we’ll design your entire project and help you make the perfect selections. Meet our professionals:

    Lindsay K.     Casey S.


    6. Launch Meeting

    You’ll have one final meeting with your project superintendent to review your EXACT project schedule, confirm your selections one last time and answer any final questions about your project. Meet our field supervisors:

    Richard P.     Aaron M.


    7. CRATE in Action!

    The day you’ve been waiting for is here! The CRATE will be delivered to your house the day before we start and our crews will arrive on time on day one! (Yes, not too common with contractors, right?)

    Watch a timelapse video of project kitchenCRATE Plemini Court


    8. Wrap-up

    Upon job completion, the CRATE team carefully reviews the project with you, noting any final items needing attention. Once the project is substantially complete, full payment is due.


    9. Enjoy!

    It’s your turn to enjoy your new kitchen or bathroom for decades to come!

    The CRATE Timeline in a Nutshell

    Our Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Process Usually Takes About Ten (10) Weeks From Start to Finish.

    CRATE Timeline

    It all starts with your initial phone consultation with a CRATE team member.

    On this call we’ll chat about your scope of work and, if you think we’re a good fit, schedule your free in-home consultation! During this consultation, we’ll gather what we need (measurements, pictures, etc.) to generate a formal, written, down-to-the-dollar proposal. We’ll come back out a week or so later to review your custom proposal in person. If you elect to move forward we’ll immediately set-up your design meeting. Design meetings typically occur two weeks after the proposal meeting, allowing you time to conduct your own inspirational research, review countertop materials (if applicable), and finalize your scope of work.

    During your design meeting you’ll work with your dedicated project manager and one of our skilled interior designers to bring your dream kitchen or bathroom to life. Once your design is complete we’ll take about three to four weeks to order all of your materials, prepare the CRATE, formalize your project schedule and conduct your pre-construction meeting. (We call it a “Launch Meeting.”) Once the project starts our professional crews usually take 2-3 weeks from start to finish depending on which CRATE product you’re enjoying.

    In total, from start to finish, it usually takes about 10 weeks for your project to go from concept to completion. We take great pride in executing your project quickly while maintaining the utmost quality. Truly the best of both worlds!

    Watch Us in Action!

    Enjoy this Time-Lapse Video of a kitchenCRATE Project Completed in Plemini Court, Salida.

    In this video, CRATE Founder Scott Monday guides you through what’s happening day-by-day during the construction phase of this kitchen renovation. This video takes place after the design and launch meetings, so all materials are on-hand and the design is final. We completed this kitchen in just 11 days. It’s true! And like all of our projects, we ask customers to enjoy their new space for a week and then supply us with any punch list (final detail) items that we can go back and fix if needed.

    What is it Like During a CRATE Project?

    Take a Look at Before and After Pictures of this Beautiful Kitchen Remodel.

    Below, three videos show the progress of our kitchenCRATE remodel on Amherst Avenue in Modesto, CA. In these videos CRATE team member Jeffrey gives you snapshots of the project on days 2, 7 and 12.

    Kitchen Remodel in Modesto, CA

    Day 2

    For this particular project, two days of demolition were needed. Day one consisted of our team protecting the home, removing the old countertop, backsplash, bar top and old door and drawer faces. Day two focused on rough electrical and plumbing to help prepare for the days ahead.

    Day 7

    Day 7 usually marks the middle of the project schedule for kitchenCRATES. By now our team has already installed steel straps for the new countertop cantilever and the plywood sub-top to support the new quartz countertop. The cabinet boxes have been painted and the custom wall cabinet has been installed. This kitchen is now ready for the backsplash and countertops to be installed in the days ahead.

    Day 12

    This is the final day of the project. As you can see, the countertops and backsplash are in, appliances are being installed, the cabinet hardware and electrical trim is being added, and there’s just a few other items pending install. Depending on the scope of work, most projects will require a city inspector to come out and review our work. Once we pass final inspection the project is cleaned and the homeowner is free to enjoy their brand new kitchen!

    Project Testimony

    We had a great experience. Everyone was very friendly and professional.

    My husband and I were most blown away with how efficient everyone worked. The schedule we were given was very helpful as it allowed us to see what was happening day-to-day. Each day went smoothly and the guys stayed on schedule. Our kitchen looks great and we are very happy with it! We would highly recommend kitchenCRATE to our friends and family!

    Gina M.

    kC Amherst Way, Modesto

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    Honest Kitchen Remodel.

    Our favorite part of the kitchenCRATE and bathCRATE process was how efficient and easy it was for our remodeling project to take place. The moment we made the first inquiry, we were greeted with sincerity and honesty which stood out in everything they did. Everything was up front – no hidden costs and every detail was listed which allowed us to understand the total cost of our project. In addition, we were provided with a printed timeline detailing what would happen for each day of our project. Having this timeline allowed us to know what to expect daily. In addition, we really appreciated that we were provided with a wonderful interior designer named Lindsey. Her expertise was invaluable in bringing together all the patterns, colors and textures that represented our vision. This made our project so much nicer.

    Sandy + Dave

    kitchenCRATE & bathCRATE Tapestry Way, Pleasanton