Make a Lasting Impression with New Countertops and Backsplash

Are you fighting the abomination known as grout joints in your tile countertop? Do you cringe each time you wipe down the kitchen, knowing your tile surface is NEVER really clean? Or are you tired of the dated granite or Corian tops installed decades ago, in what seems like a different design era? Our newest service, kitchenCRATE Tops & Splash, is just what you need! Our in-house fabrication team will remove your countertops and splash, produce a precise template, custom fabricate quartz, granite or quartzite countertops, and then top it off with a new full-height backsplash and all new plumbing fixtures. And even better: we’ll do it in just over a week!


Smile When You Walk Into Your Kitchen

Are you ready to enjoy your kitchen instead of simply tolerating it? In this video, you’ll learn how kitchenCRATE Tops & Splash will make you fall in love with your home’s most important space.


What Your New Countertop & Backsplash Project Includes

No one wants a kitchen update that drags on forever. That’s why we use our signature turnkey process to keep things running as smoothly as possible. During a kitchenCRATE Tops & Splash upgrade, our skilled in-house professionals will:

Protect your home in order to keep things safe and livable

Remove your old, dated countertops, backsplash, and plumbing

Replace your plywood subtops

Generate a precise countertop template

Meet with you to position your template on your new countertop slabs

Fabricate your new quartz, granite, or quartzite countertops using decades of fabrication experience

Install your new countertops, including a new undermount sink

Install a full height tile or stone backsplash

Replace all your outlets and switches in your backsplash

Supply and install new plumbing fixtures (sink, faucet, garbage disposal, etc.)

Clean the project area so that you can immediately enjoy your upgraded kitchen

Extensive experience allows our highly skilled team to ensure your kitchen remodel remains as stress-free of an experience as possible from start to finish.

Starting at 10 days and $17k…

Curious About the kitchenCRATE Tops & Splash Process?

Before embarking on a major project like a countertop replacement, it’s critical to understand the process. In this video, CRATE Founder + CEO Scott Monday walks you through the entire kCT journey, from our initial call to the moment your project is complete!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Our past customers are so very generous to share their CRATE experiences. Take a look at this video from Lori, a recent customer in Brentwood, CA.