Vanity Trends.

“Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.”

The ancient writer wasn’t actually talking about bathrooms, but he could have been. The bathroom vanity is the centerpiece of that all-important room and the vanity countertop has become more than just a functional piece. Today’s vanity tops are works of art. Here are five hot new design trends that are making the necessary room a place to linger.

Granite and Quartz Rule the Room

Granite and quartz tops are popular for a reason. They’re both durable and they look great. Countertops are workspaces that take a beating and must endure heat as well. Since it is quarried straight from the earth, granite counters are nearly as hard as manufactured quartz tops. However, granite needs to be sealed since its porous surface is susceptible to staining. Either countertop serves as a premium choice for long-lasting, great-looking vanities. They are currently the hottest things going.

Sinks Are Impacting Countertop Choices

Another big trend in bathroom vanity tops is the incorporation of sinks into the counter. The two most popular methods involve using either integral-bowl or vessel sinks. An integral-bowl sink is built seamlessly into the countertop. This eye-appealing look makes for easy cleaning and gives the room an up-to-date feel. Vessel sinks come in a wide variety of looks, but they all sit on top of the counter. These bowls have an artsy appearance that mimics a boutique hotel or an old-fashioned estate home. Sinks are no longer considered separate from the counter; they are woven into the overall scheme.

Recycled Glass Blends Responsibility with Beauty

American consumers rising interest in maintaining the environment, coupled with the huge variety of looks available, are making these countertops surge in popularity. Made from bits of colored glass and held together by a resin material, recycled glass tops have a custom feel since no two are alike. They are relatively durable and easy to clean. Although they can be chipped or cracked, careful homeowners enjoy these for many years.

Solid Surface Survives on Economy and Ease of Use

Solid surface countertops are manufactured with acrylic and crushed stone. The completed product mimics granite or quartz. While not as durable, solid surface tops are popular since they are less expensive. They still look great, can be custom designed, and are easy to clean. With that going for them, they will remain popular.

Tile is Making Retro Resurgence

Despite the risk of that dirty grout, tile is still popular today for its price and customized look. Many consumers look to tile as a low-cost alternative to more popular countertops. The risk is all the extra maintenance tile needs down the road. Nevertheless, a well-designed tile countertop can give the bathroom a unique and homey feel.

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