• So how exactly do you know if kitchenCRATE is right for you?  After all, we’re not a fit for every kitchen remodel.

    Here’s a list of 5 key indicators that make you a great kitchenCRATE candidate!

    1. You Have Tile Countertops with Brown (or Cream, or Black) Grout

    The 80s gave us some terrible things.  The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Tom Selleck’s mustache (he still has it!), Milli Vanilli, cell phones requiring a bag in which to carry them.

    But perhaps the worst thing it gave us was tile countertops with brown grout.  Just. Terrible.  Why?

    Well, first off, it’s ugly.  That’s right, no one likes it.  And if they say they like it, they’re lying.

    Second, it’s unsanitary.  Grout is, by nature, porous.  Pourus things absorb, by definition.  So when your hacking into that freshly grilled tri-tip and the juice runs off the carving board and onto the tile, and then into the grout joints, well, Bon apatite!  You’ll be enjoying juicy grout for a few weeks.

    And lastly, it’s ugly.  Oops, did we mention that twice?

    2. You Have a Light Box in Your Ceiling with Yellowed Lenses

    Another abomination of the 1980s, light boxes with acrylic lenses were a staple of the track home.

    They may have looked tolerable for the first few years, but then the lenses started to yellow.  And then the bulbs started to go out.  And then the ballasts started to go (leaving that constant buzzing that drives you crazy!).  Pretty soon you look up and you have yellow lenses illuminated by 1/2 of the bulb and to top it off a nice collection of dust and bugs that have collected over the years.

    Put your light box out of its misery.  That’s right.  Go in there right now and take the lenses out and throw them away.  It will force you to lead the life you are meant to lead; one without a light box!

    3. You Love Kitchen and Hate Your Kitchen

    As we venture out to In-Home Consultations, we hear this oft-mentioned dichotomy: I love my kitchen layout, but I hate the way my kitchen looks!

    At first, this may not make sense.  But what people are telling us is they like the layout, they like the cabinets, they like the flow of the kitchen, but the finishes are terrible.  And more often then not, they’re so tired of the finishes that they feel the only way to fix them is to “gut it.”

    Believe us, “gutting it” is not always the best option.  In fact, it usually isn’t the best option.  It’s amazing what simply changing all the surfaces of the kitchen will do to give a homeowner a “new kitchen” look.

    4. When You Entertain You Prefer People Stay Away from Your Kitchen

    Let’s face it; when the holidays roll around, you’re a bit reluctant to host.  Not because you don’t like family and friends (OK, maybe that’s part of it) but because you don’t like people hovering around the kitchen.

    And why do people hover around the kitchen?

    Because it’s the hub of the home! It’s where all good things (read: food) come from.  To be near the kitchen is to be near the action, the flavor, the cocktails!

    And if you don’t want people around the kitchen, it’s because you are mildly to severely embarrassed by it.  Admit it, the kitchen is the heart of your home and yours needs a quadruple bypass.

    5. You Have a Hard Time Keeping Your Kitchen “Clean”

    No matter how often you clean, your kitchen just looks dirty.  Not dirt-on-the-floor dirty, just slightly dingy.  Just a little “yellow.”  Just a tad old and tired.

    It’s because it IS a bit dingy.  It’s 10, 20 or 30 years old.  It’s ready for a facelift.  It needs your help.  It cries out to you in the middle of the night, pleading for a new life.

    Give your kitchen a chance.  Give it a new life.  Give it kitchenCRATE.

    Perhaps you can relate to a few of the signs above.  Perhaps you like the layout of your kitchen and the cabinets are in good condition, but you are ready for a completely new look and feel.  KitchenCRATE can make this happen in as little as 7 days.

    Contact us today to schedule a phone consultation during business hours at 888-995-7996!

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