Bathroom Remodel in Livingston

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This 1951 bathroom needed A LOT of help when we arrived for the In-Home Consultation.  The lack of shower rendered the bathroom less-than-ideal, the old wallpaper was coming off the walls and in need of texture and all of the finishes had certainly seen better days.

We think you’ll agree the transformation was quite dramatic, and we’re so honored the homeowner agrees! But don’t just take our word for it.  Scroll down to read what the customer thought about the bathroom remodel and see the extensive before & after images.

The Homeowner’s Experience With This Bathroom Remodel in Livingston

What was your favorite part of the bathCRATE process?

Looking back, my favorite part of the process were the meetings held before any construction was started. I liked meeting with Willy which I think helped a lot when we met with the designer. He had an idea of what we wanted and it made the process of choosing materials much easier. He kept track of the budget when we met with the designer so it helped keep me focused. The detailed outline of everything that needed to be done, right down to the hinges, helped with getting a full understanding of all the work and allowed me to ask questions. When you and I met, questions such as do we really need to replace the bathtub, which we didn’t and don’t regret keeping, were easily answered. I felt very involved with everything which helped a lot. Our final [launch] meeting at the house was great because I felt like I knew exactly what was going to happen and bathCRATE also knew what needed to be accomplished.

What was your favorite part about the bathCRATE team?

My favorite part of the bathCRATE team was how smoothly everyone worked together and all the workers coming to the home were very professional. It was like a well-choreographed dance. Couldn’t believe they got ahead of schedule.

Was there anything about the process or project that surprised you? If so, what was it?

What surprised me the most was just how smoothly things went and how well the workers kept me informed of any problems that came up. They showed me what the problem was and why it had to be fixed.

I have already recommended you to other people who have asked. Everyone who sees it can’t believe the transformation. It is nice, because it fits the age and style of the house, right down to the texturing on the wall. Have had several compliments. Please let the designer know the gray cabinets have gotten a lot of praise. I was hesitant, but it looks great. (Considering it for my kitchen in the future.)

The Before and After Pictures

(Click image to enjoy a larger view.)

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Bathroom Remodel Day by Day Progress

(Note: We added a few extra days to our normal 7-day process to accommodate the owner-requested add-ons.)

Here’s how we did it:

Day 1 – Demo Day!  On this first day, we set up plastic walls to protect the home from dust, protected the path from the entry door to the bathroom with building paper, and then went to town removing the countertops, backsplash, vanity doors and drawers, shower tile and flooring.  Toward the end of the day, we created the template for the new quartz countertops, which take a few days to fabricate off-site.

Day 2 – The pony wall at the shower was framed-in to the ceiling in order to convert the tub to a shower tub combination. The shower valve and additional plumbing were installed to accommodate the new shower.

Days 3 & 4 –  The bathCRATE team was back on site to sheetrock and texture the new shower wall.

Day 5 – The painters began preparing and priming the cabinets.  Using a high-grade, oil-based primer, every inch of the bathroom vanity cabinets were caulked, sanded and primed.  This is the first (and perhaps most critical) step of creating a durable paint finish. All of the walls, ceiling, and trim in the bathroom were painted. Kelly-Moore Washed Green with a Satin finish was applied to the walls and Kelly-Moore Swiss Coffee semi-gloss paint was applied to the ceiling and trim.

Day 6 – The painters then applied two coats of Kelly-Moore Dura-poxy paint in Big Band to the thoroughly sanded and primed vanity cabinets.  This same priming and painting process was used on the doors and drawers, which are painted off-site in a climate-controlled paint booth for the highest possible quality.

Days 7 & 8 –  The tile artisans were on site to install tile at the shower. Bedrosians Grace Bianco 4″ x 12″ ceramic tiles with an accent of Bedrosians Kismet Heaven 1″ x 1″ mosaic tiles were installed on the shower walls. The shower was grouted using Laticrete Smoke Grey grout.

Day 9 – The bathCRATE team installed the beautiful Kohler Archer sink. Once the sink was installed, the countertop installation team arrived to install the MSI Fairy White quartz countertops with a beveled edge.

Days 10 & 11 – The flooring experts arrived to install the Bedrosians Verona Silver 20″ x 20″ porcelain floor tiles. The flooring was grouted using Laticrete Smoke Grey grout.

Day 13 – The transformation hit the homestretch with the installation of the freshly-painted cabinet doors and drawers, the plumbing fixtures, mirrors, light fixtures, and accessories.  The Pfister Avalon center set faucet was installed at the sink and the shower received a Pfister Avalon shower/tub set, each with brushed nickel finishes. The final day of the project also included an array of “touch-up” items: all outlets and switches were replaced, the Kohler Highline toilet was set and the entire project was cleaned, top-to-bottom.

Bathroom Technical Details

Perhaps the Second Street bathroom reminds you of your bathroom. Perhaps you like the layout and the cabinets are in good condition, but you are ready for a completely new look and feel. BathCRATE can make this happen. Simply call 888-995-7996 or schedule a free phone consultation automatically by clicking here.

Scott Monday is co-founder and CEO of kitchenCRATE and bathCRATE. Follow him on Facebook or Linked-In.

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