Interior Design Meeting

The two biggest concerns for folks considering a kitchen remodel are time and money.

“How long will it take and how much will it cost?” Simple enough.

But a concern that’s a very close third (and for some people even trumps cost and time) is the fear of choosing colors and materials.

And it’s a valid fear.  After all, you’ll be living with these design decisions for decades to come.  And although making changes down the road is possible, no one wants to replace countertops or re-paint cabinets shortly after going through a remodel.

Immediately after launching kitchenCRATE in early 2012, we realized the interior design process needed to be an emphasis with you, our customers.  Not only did we need to help you through this process, we needed to create a very comprehensive solution to ALL customer design questions.

So that’s when we added a formal interior design meeting to the 9 steps of kitchenCRATE.  Here’s how the interior design meeting works:


Before the interior design meeting, your kitchenCRATE project manager reviews past project photos and material samples with you, simply to get a feel for the direction you want to head.  Granite or quartz countertops? Contemporary or traditional design?  You know, generic and easy-to-resolve questions.  The project manager makes notes and then sends these notes to the interior designer before the design meeting takes place. (That way, everyone is ready!)

The other item completed before the interior design meeting is countertop selection.

But, how can you select a countertop without a designer, you ask?

Well, countertops are very easy to choose.  You’ll either love a piece of granite (or quartz sample) or you won’t.  You’ll know it when you see it.  Your project manager will tour you through an assortment of material and color options, and this countertop selection will create the foundation of your kitchen’s color scheme.

Now that the countertop has been selected, your project manager will secure an actual sample for the meeting.  That’s right, for granite we only use an ACTUAL sample from your ACTUAL chosen slabs.  This is because choosing the other finishes based upon a slightly different sample could be dangerous; tones vary across slabs of granite.  (Quartz is a bit easier to deal with because it’s a manufactured product the quartz samples look exactly like the finished product).

During the Meeting

Next, you meet with the designer and your kitchenCRATE project manager.  At times this meeting is held in your home, and sometimes it’s held at a local tile showroom.  This simply depends on your preference and how many options you want at your disposal.

During this meeting, the team helps you select everything.  Yes, everything.  Cabinet color, countertop edge details, sink color, faucet finish, wall paint, ceiling paint, etc.  Even down to the minutia of which side of the sink you want the garbage disposal mounted.  Egads!  The details!

No worries, this meeting is usually completed in about 90 minutes.  Remember, your project manager and designer have been through this process dozens of times, and they’ll have the samples and information you need to make the best decisions for your products.

And another advantage of this team approach to the design meeting: instant price feedback.  As you navigate your different design options, your kitchenCRATE project manager will provide instant price feedback.  Wondering how much that glass tile backsplash would cost if you got wild with the design? Your project manager can tell you immediately, allowing you to make the best decision based upon all the information.

After The Design Meeting

Based upon the results of the interior design meeting, your kitchenCRATE project manager will create a complete project data sheet (like this one) that will guide the project team throughout construction.  This data sheet, which is basically the recipe for your remodel, ensures your exact requests are complied with down to the most minute detail.  Also, the datasheet memorializes your selections, allowing you to refer back to the sheet as people ask you about your kitchen and your selections.  How handy!

Once the data sheet is issued, all lead times for materials are confirmed and your project is scheduled.  All that remains on the project is construction, and after the thorough process described above is completed, construction becomes the easy part!

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Scott Monday is co-founder and CEO of kitchen & bath CRATE.  Contact him on Facebook or Linked-In or by calling 888-995-7996!

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