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It seems like in every home there is one room that feels a too uncomfortably small. Many times that room is the bathroom. The easiest solution to avoid it feeling like the walls are closing in is through the right flooring.

If you want to create the optical illusion of a space larger than it is, well then, go big! Larger square tiles or wider rectangular flooring means fewer seams. This creates an open pattern that is visually less busy, which makes space feel less confining. Even in a small space don’t be afraid to go with an option that is larger than standard 12” square or 6” strip.

Large bathroom.

When working with rectangular flooring a trick to help elongate the room is to lay the flooring parallel to the longest wall. If you are feeling daring, laying the flooring on a diagonal can create the illusion of a bigger space as it tricks you into looking at the pattern from a different perspective.

bathroom tile flooring.

When the flooring in the bathroom is different than other areas in the house, sticking to a complementary color will help create consistency. Staying within the same color family can give the illusion of continuity and more space, even if the materials are as contrasting as bathroom tile next to hallway carpet.

Bathroom wood tile flooring.

Beyond the floor, another easy way to open up space is to install glass shower doors, letting you take in the whole room.

Lighting is also key. Recesses spotlighting is ideally suited for small spaces. Wall mounted upward facing lights are also a good choice as it bounces the light off the ceiling and back down into the room. Painting the ceiling a light color will help to open up space above, without the commitment of adding a skylight.

Light, monochromatic color schemes in neutrals or whites are the best bet for creating the illusion of a larger room. If you are worried that the room will look drab and washed out, introduce the element of color with accent items. Plus that way if you change your mind down the road it won’t mean having to go back to the drawing board. Bye fuchsia!

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