When someone asks “what is kitchenCRATE?” they’re usually referring to the service.  They want to know what it is, exactly, that we do to the kitchen.

But sometimes people ask “what is the kitchenCRATE?” and for that reason, we created this blog post.

The CRATE is a large container, about 16′ long, 8′ wide and about 8′ tall.  It’s placed in front of our kitchenCRATE and bathCRATE projects the day before we start, and used throughout the job for material and equipment storage, storing of appliances and fixtures, display of state-mandated employment information and of course, safety/first aid equipment.

The reason behind the CRATE is simple: the last thing a customer wants during a project is to have their house cluttered with anything related to the job.  A remodel is already a stressful process, and we do our best to not only get the job completed with exceptional speed (7 days!) but make the process comfortable throughout.

Please enjoy a little photographic tour of the CRATE itself:

kitchen & bath CRATE

The CRATE! The durable steel frame and crisp, clean wrap represent the durability and simplicity of the kitchen & bath CRATE concepts. The full-height roll-up door and exceptionally low floor make loading and unloading large items a breeze.


The CRATE is wrapped on both sides and the back.

The CRATE is wrapped on both sides and the back.


The general layout of each CRATE.

The general layout of each CRATE, prior to stocking job-specific materials, includes floor protection materials on the left, standard tools and equipment in the back and safety/first aid materials on the right.


Plywood, masonite, drywall and other large common materials.

Plywood, masonite, drywall and other large common materials are stacked and strapped nicely for transport.


Each CRATE is stocked with a set of tools.

Each CRATE is stocked with a set of tools common to the kitchenCRATE and bathCRATE projects, thus maximizing worker productivity.

Interested in seeing the CRATE in front of your home during a 7-day kitchen or bathroom renovation?  Take the first step by scheduling your free phone consultation.  Simply schedule this consultation by clicking the link, or by calling 888-995-7996!

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