• KitchenBOX started a few years back with a simple idea: what if we could offer an amazing scope of work for an amazing price, and do it in just a few days?

    That was it.  That was the simple question that started it all.

    And much to our delight (and we admit surprise), the demand for kitchenBOX has surpassed our expectations.

    Our goal is, of course, to offer kitchenBOX to as many customers as possible.  This expansion entails moving beyond our current service area, which is mostly California’s Northern Central Valley.  It also entails taking the initial first step towards franchising the kitchenBOX system: trademarking our name and logo.

    In the process of securing our trademark, it came to our attention that the name “kitchenBOX” would be exceptionally hard to trademark.  Even though there are no competitors with this name, there are two businesses in the U.S. using similar names that operate in category 37, home improvement services. (One is a design company in New York state and the other a countertop material fabricator in Anaheim, CA.)

    Alas, we could either move forward with an unprotected name, kitchenBOX, or make the change to kitchenCRATE.  So we decided upon the latter.

    So, starting November 1st, 2013, kitchenBOX is now kitchenCRATE.  Although this process has cost much time and money, we’ve enjoyed the opportunity to refresh our marketing materials and purchase and wrap three new kitchenBOX containers.  We’re confident this change makes our brand and image even stronger than it was before.

    So thank you for your patience as we complete this transition and, more important, thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about our story.


    Scott and Jared

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