When launching kitchenCRATE in early 2012, we made certain assumptions and determined what kitchenCRATE would and would not do.

A Line in the Sand

We would install beautiful new granite or quartz countertops, implement custom tile backsplashes, refinish existing cabinets (painted or stained), provide fantastic new sink/faucet/garbage disposal configurations, install appliances, re-paint all walls and ceilings, install new cabinet hardware, etc.

We would not, under the kitchenCRATE concept, do full cabinet replacement, modify the structure, relocate plumbing fixture locations, etc.  Quite simply, such items are outside the kitchenCRATE scope and fall into the “custom kitchen remodel” category.  (We perform custom kitchen remodels through our Trinity Renovation brand, not via kitchenCRATE.)

Alas, we did realize some kitchenCRATE customers would want to add features to the base kitchenCRATE project.  And we realized this was a fine line.  How much could a customer add that still allows us to maintain our 7-day, $15,000 promise?

As we grow kitchenCRATE, we are still struggling to land on this answer.  Like all things we do, we are making assumptions and then testing them in the field. (And stretching our limits, for sure!)

We do, however, have a tidy little list of common kitchenCRATE add-ons.  Here they are, including how many days they add to the typical kitchenCRATE project:

Common kitchenCRATE Add-Ons

  • Removal of “Light Boxes” and Addition of Can Lighting – 2 Days
  • New LED Undercabinet Lighting – 1 Day
  • New door and drawer faces – 0 days!
  • Pendant Lighting – 1 Day
  • Flooring (Wood or Tile) – 2-3 Days
  • Modifying Cabinets for New Appliances (including wine refrigerators!) – 1 Day
  • Drywall Patch and Repair – 2 Days
  • Crown Molding – 1 Day
  • Countertop Extension to Create a Seating Area – o Days!

In offering customers add-ons, we realize we run a risk.  We risk a neighbor seeing the project go beyond 7 days, and subsequently losing faith in our 7-day brand promise.  We risk a project getting “out of hand” with add-ons, and no longer being a kitchenCRATE product.  We risk trying to fit too much into a short schedule, and coming up short.

But at the end of the day, our mission of “ridding America of ugly, dated kitchens” is the driving forces for everything we do.  And to accomplish this mission, our customers need reasonable add-ons to ensure their kitchenCRATE fits them perfectly.

So if you hear that a kitchenCRATE project “went long,” we encourage you to ask the homeowner what they added.  And then, go on in and check out the finished product.  We’re certain you’ll like what you see…

KitchenCRATE is a 7 day (without add-ons!), $15,000 kitchen remodel offered in Northern California.  If you’re interested in learning more, just fill out the simple form on the top right side of this page, and we’ll get back to you immediately.

Scott Monday is co-founder and CEO of kitchen & bath CRATE.  Follow him on Facebook or Linked-In.

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