Transforming Spaces: A Dive into the Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel in Escalon

We’re excited to share you with you stunning makeover of a home’s kitchen and bathroom on Matthew Lane in Escalon, California. Yes, you heard that right! This CRATE customer had their kitchen and bathroom remodeled at the same time. A great option for any homeowner looking to knock two projects out at one time.

The once-outdated kitchen and bathroom have been transformed into contemporary, useful, and visually appealing places. This blog explores the details of this renovation project, showing how much the rooms have changed by looking at the changes made to the cabinets, countertops, sinks, appliances, fixtures, tile, and paint. Let’s dive into this remodel first looking at the kitchen followed by the bathroom!

1. Cabinets and Hardware

The kitchen now has paint-grade Poplar drawer and door faces with an eye-catching Amerock Black Rock black bronze handle that adds style without sacrificing functionality. One notable change is the replacement of the solitary entrance at the tip of the peninsula, which demonstrates careful attention to detail and unique solutions.

2. Countertops

The selection of Bedrosians- Sierra Carrara Quartz countertops showcases a commitment to durability and elegance. Quartz is a great material for a kitchen because of its resistance to heat, stains, and scratches. The polished finish and 2″ mitered ease edge profile provide the workstation a sleek, modern vibe that improves the kitchen’s appearance while offering a useful surface for cooking.

3. Sinks and Appliances

Integrating a Blanco Precis Silgranit undermount sink in metallic gray offers a modern and understated elegance that aligns with the kitchen’s color scheme. Silgranit, known for its durability and ease of maintenance, ensures the sink’s longevity and aesthetic appeal. The choice of a Moen Align high-arc faucet in black stainless steel not only complements the sink but also introduces a modern design element that is both functional and visually appealing. This combination enhances the kitchen’s efficiency while contributing to its sleek design.

4. Fixtures and Lighting

An intelligent move that combines form and function is the introduction of LED wafers and pendant lights. LED wafers offer a smooth, contemporary lighting option that uses less energy and illuminates the kitchen evenly. The pendant lights act as focal points in the room, providing job lighting over important areas and a dash of refinement and individuality. The mood and practicality of the kitchen are greatly influenced by the lighting fixtures that are chosen.

5. Tile and Paint

The use of Bedrosians Cloe tiles in a grey gloss for the backsplash introduces a subtle texture and sheen that complements the countertops and cabinetry. The choice of tile not only adds a decorative element but also serves a practical purpose, protecting the walls from splashes and spills. The color palette, featuring SW 7671 On the Rocks and SW 7004 Snowbound, creates a neutral and calming backdrop that allows other design elements to shine. The paint choices reflect a modern sensibility, providing a fresh and cohesive look that ties the entire kitchen together.

Matthews Kitchen After
Matthews Kitchen - After
Matthews Kitchen - After
Matthews Kitchen - After
Matthews Kitchen - After

Bathroom Remodel: A Sanctuary Re-imagined

The bathroom, another pivotal space, has been skillfully re-envisioned to offer a sanctuary-like feel, blending aesthetics with functionality.

Matthew Bathroom AfterMatthew Bathroom After

1. Cabinets and Vanity

The renovation of the bathroom is centered around a handcrafted vanity that embodies contemporary elegance. With their simple lines and useful design, shaker-style door and drawer faces with a 45-degree inner bevel not only provide a modern touch but also maximize available space. The construction and finish of the cabinetry are carefully selected to provide endurance and aesthetic appeal in the humid bathroom environment.

2. Countertops

The continuity in design is evident in the bathroom’s countertops, which mirror the kitchen’s choice with polished Bedrosians- Sierra Carrara Quartz. The countertop’s 2″ mitered edge gives them a hefty, in-vogue aspect that goes well with the entire design plan. It also gives them a solid, opulent sense. The glossy surface improves the bathroom’s illumination while also providing easy maintenance—a vital feature for surfaces in bathrooms.

3. Sinks and Faucets

The Kohler Caxton rectangular undermount sink presents a sleek, seamless look, aligning with the modern aesthetic while ensuring easy cleanup and countertop maintenance. Paired with the Delta Ashlyn widespread faucet in matte black, the sink area becomes a focal point in the bathroom. The matte black finish of the faucet adds a touch of drama and contrast, creating a modern statement that’s both functional and visually appealing.

4. Fixtures and Accessories

The well-chosen fixtures and accessories create a much more elevated atmosphere in the bathroom. Recessed lighting enhances the modern sense of the room with its sleek, efficient appearance and generous illumination. The inclusion of a Kohler Archer alcove tub speaks to the commitment to quality and comfort, offering a retreat-like experience within the home. The tub’s design complements the bathroom’s aesthetic while providing a luxurious, spa-like feel, inviting relaxation and tranquility.

5. Tile and Paint

The tile selection, featuring Bedrosians Classic 2.0 in Bianco Carrera, brings an element of timeless elegance to the bathroom. The tile’s subtle veining and glossy finish reflect light, contributing to the space’s airy and open feel. Paired with the sophisticated palette of SW 7067 City Scape, the bathroom’s color scheme is both contemporary and calming. The paint’s neutral tone provides a perfect backdrop that complements the tile work and fixtures, creating a cohesive and inviting space.

Matthew Bathroom After
Matthew Bathroom After
Matthew Bathroom After
Matthew Bathroom After
Matthew Bathroom After

A New Chapter For This Escalon Home

This remodel in Escalon is a monument to the transforming power of well-thought-out design and superior execution. Once out-of-date, the kitchen and bathroom are now contemporary, useful, and fashionable areas that not only satisfy the demands of the homeowners but also showcase the newest trends in interior design. Every little element, from the elegant cabinets to the sleek worktops to the contemporary fixtures, helps to create rooms that are as attractive as they are functional. This renovation is an inspiration to anybody trying to revitalize their house since it shows that any area can be transformed into a modern refuge with the correct team and concept.

This project showcases the expertise of the CRATE team, making them a go-to choice for anyone considering a kitchen remodel in Escalon. Their ability to blend functionality with style is evident in every aspect of this remodel, from the choice of materials to the final touches.

If you’re inspired by CRATE’s Matthew Lane remodel and are looking to start your own kitchen remodel journey in Escalon, remember to choose CRATE, a local kitchen and bath remodel company that understands your vision and has the expertise to bring it to life.

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