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When considering a kitchen remodel, Stockton, CA residents should look no further than kitchenCRATE.  Our most recent project completion on Five Mile Drive as an amazing example of how dated, 1970’s cabinets can be converted into sleek, durable, eye-popping storage.

The combination of quartz countertops, LED can lighting, professionally-painted cabinets and Kohler plumbing fixtures made this incredible transformation possible!

But don’t just take our word for it; scroll down to see what the homeowner thought and see the extensive before and after images…

The Homeowner’s Kitchen Remodel Stockton Experience

What was your favorite part of the kitchenCRATE process?

My favorite part of the kitchenCRATE process was having the step-by-step guidance. The kitchen planning process was broken down into simple stages making it easier for me to enjoy the entire kitchen project. It allowed me to make quick decisions without feeling overwhelmed by a million and one details. As each stage in the process came along, I was guided through by the kitchenCRATE team with respect and patience for what I wanted in my own personal kitchen.

What was your favorite part about the kitchenCRATE team?

The kitchenCRATE team was knowledgable, skilled, tidy, personable, trustworthy, and communicated well. They made us feel comfortable and in good hands as we had to leave our home and pets to attend our own jobs for the day. The team handled every aspect of the kitchen project from scheduling to design planning to remodel. The team received our appliance delivery and made appropriate installations. Despite delays on two of our appliances, the team was never unprofessional about the timelines being thrown off. The team returned to complete our kitchen and did an exceptional job making it a place I love to stare at first thing when I come home…when I wake up…before I go to bed…

I especially enjoyed day one of the projects! Excitement was in the air! The crew arrived with smiles on their faces, and my old ugly kitchen was finally on its way out! Upon returning home after a days work, my kitchen was already looking transformed! So much work had been completed in such a short time. Not only that, but my kitchen still remained tidy!

Now that all is said and done, we can honestly say we LOVE our new kitchen. It came out so beautifully that we are debating whether we should cook in it or keep it as a showroom!

Was there anything about the process or project that surprised you? If so, what was it?

I think the most surprising aspect of the kitchenCRATE process was the kitchenCRATE team. They had such integrity and professionalism for such a young business with their fresh new approach to making kitchen’s affordable. Overall, it was inspirational to find a team of quality contractors who do what they say they are going to do and do it well. I’m sure we will be doing business again with kitchenCRATE.

Before and After Pictures

(Click each image to enjoy a larger view.)

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Day by Day Progress

(Note: We added an extra day to our normal 7-day process to accommodate the owner-request add-ons, like these…)

Here’s how our kitchen remodel, Stockton team did it:

Day 1 – Demo Day!  On this first day, we set up plastic walls to protect the home from dust, protected the path from the entry door to the kitchen with building paper, and then went to town removing the appliances, countertop, backsplash, plumbing fixtures, cabinet doors, and drawers.  To support the cantilever countertop, we reinforced the plywood sub-tops with steel straps.  Toward the end of the day we created the template for the new quartz countertops, which take a few days to fabricate off-site.

Day 2 – The electrical team began the wiring for the new can lighting.  Six 6″ can lights were placed strategically around the kitchen to optimize the lighting over work spaces.

Day 3 – Since all the walls and the ceilings had been protected, our painters began preparing and priming the cabinets.  Using a high-grade, oil-based primer, every inch of the kitchen cabinets were caulked, sanded and primed.  This is the first (and perhaps most critical) step of creating a durable paint finish.

Day 4 – The painters then applied two coats of Kelly-Moore Dura-poxy paint in Texan Angel to the thoroughly sanded and primed cabinets.  This same priming and painting process was used on the doors and drawers, which are painted off-site in a climate-controlled paint booth for the highest possible quality.

Day 5 – The countertop installation team arrived to install the beautiful Kohler Vault Single Bowl Stainless Steel sink and the Arizona Tile Adirondack Birch quartz countertops with a mitered edge.

Day 6 – The tile backsplash artisans began installing the Bedrosians Manhattan Silk 2″ x 16″ glass tiles on the backsplash. This was grouted using  Laticrete Smoke Grey grout.

Day 7 – The kitchenCRATE team was onsite to touch up the wall and ceiling paint.

Day 8 –  Lastly, the kitchenCRATE team installed the homeowner’s new appliances.  The transformation then hit the home stretch with the installation of the freshly-painted cabinet doors and drawers. The final day of the project included an array of “touch-up” items: all outlets and switches were replaced, the Kohler Simplice faucet and Transitional Design Soap Dispenser each with a Vibrant Stainless finish were installed and the entire project was cleaned, top-to-bottom.

Technical Details

Ready for a Kitchen Remodel in Stockton, CA?

Perhaps the Five Mile Drive kitchen reminds you of your kitchen.  Do you like the layout of your kitchen but are ready for a completely new look and feel?  KitchenCRATE can make this happen in 7 days for less than $15,000.

Just click here to schedule your phone consultation using our scheduling system.  Or feel free to call us direct during business hours at 888-995-7996!

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