• One of the more exciting areas of technological improvement in kitchen remodeling is the use of LED lighting.

    KitchenCRATE employs this energy-efficient technology in two very common kitchenCRATE add-ons: LED can lighting and LED under-cabinet lighting.

    Here’s a peek at these two add-ons, and how they can reduce your energy bill and exponentially improve the light levels in your kitchen.

    Benefits of LED Can Lighting

    LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode.  It came into use in aviation and high-tech applications in the early 1960s.  Today, LEDs are the fastest growing architectural and interior lighting type.

    There are many advantages to using LED can light as your primary light source in your kitchen:

    • Energy Efficiency – A 13-watt bulb produces about 600 lumens of light.  What does this mean? Well, it’s about an 85% improvement in energy efficiency over incandescent bulbs.
    • Long-lasting – The standard LED bulbs kitchenBOX installs last over 30,000 hours.  In essence, you could have your lights on full-blast 10-hours-a-day for over 8 years and still not burn out the bulb.
    • Cool Lighting – LED lighting produces minimal heat; you can touch the bulbs themselves even after they’ve been on for hours.  Not only does this make your kitchen more comfortable in the summer months, but it reduces the heat load of your home and thus, your air conditioning bill.
    • Dimmable – The kitchenCRATE LEDs we install are dimmable down to 10%, so you are in complete control of your light level and energy use.
    • Stylish – Since the 5″ LED can lights we install work with the standard can light trims, there is an assortment of available trim color and design options.
    LED Can Light Pic

    A standard recessed LED can light. The metallic portion is placed above the ceiling drywall, leaving only the white trim and bulb visible.


    Kitchen remodel with LED lights.

    5″ LED can lights installed in a completed kitchenCRATE project. The previous lighting was fluorescent tube lights in a recessed light box.

    LED Under-Cabinet String Lights

    When we first saw these tiny LED “string” lights from LG, we were a bit skeptical.

    How could such a small light (2.5″ long x 0.5″ wide x 0.25″ thick) with three little bulbs (called “chips”) each produce sufficient under-cabinet light?

    Then we saw them installed, and we were amazed!  These little wonders throw a beautiful soft light, and when properly placed are completely hidden unless a person actually puts their head under the cabinets and looks up (which is quite difficult to do!)

    So here’s the low-down on these little workhorses:

    • Long-lasting – These LED’s last for over 50,000 hours, nearly 13-years if on 10-hours-a-day, 365-days-per-year.
    • Waterproof  – The unique sealed casing makes sure splashing or steam have no adverse effect on performance.
    • Wide Light – These LEDs produce a 120-degree angle of light, making sure you illuminate the entire countertop and backsplash.

    Here are some pictures of these lights both installed and before install.

    LED string lights under a cabinet.

    Tucked under the cabinet “apron,” these LED lights can only be seen from below.

    Custom wine bar lit with LEDs.

    Just a few lights illuminate a bar area beautifully.

    Size of LED lights.

    Here are the actual lights (turned off, of course). Notice each light has the LED “bulbs.”

    LG String lights.

    These LG lights come on a “string.” Up to 50 lights can be connected to a single transformer located inside the upper cabinets.

    Are you ready to make your kitchen more efficient, brighter and more modern by using LED lights?  Set up your free kitchenCRATE in-home consultation online by clicking here or by calling (888) 995-7996!

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