Custom kitchen renovation.

We kept the same footprint for this kitchen but it looks completely different with the new cabinets and materials! The previous cabinets were not of quality enough to be refinished plus these homeowners wanted to take advantage of the benefits of custom cabinetry with a spice pull-out, easy-to-store baking sheet area, and a trash pull-out. With the custom cabinetry, we were able to expand the countertop on the right to eliminate the desk area. We also removed several of the upper cabinets to open up the space. The additional new lighting and the color choices not only make this kitchen look beautiful but feel more inviting too. From demolition day to clean-up, this kitchen was completed in 17 days.

But don’t just take our word on how well this job turned out.  Look below for the project specifications and extensive before and after pictures!

Renovation Project Complete Pictures

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What the Customer Had to Say.

Favorite Part of the Process – I think it had to be the updates we got throughout the project from you and from your team. Your customer service is absolutely outstanding. There were no surprises and every question we asked was quickly answered and every issue – there weren’t many – addressed.
Favorite Part of the CRATE Team – Everyone was just really fun. Jeffrey is great, of course – I imagine that’s why he has the job he does. But even the contractors who came in for painting, install, etc. were easy to work with and live around, on the occasions we were there when they were.
Any Surprises? I think the only thing was that you left my doorway to the laundry room green. That absolutely should have been something I asked about but it didn’t occur to me. Honestly, I think because I lived with that stupid green for so long I didn’t really see it until the rest of the kitchen came around and then it looked even more out of place. But that was quickly remedied.
How Could We Have Made Your Experience Better? – This is hard. Again, what sets you guys apart is really wonderful customer service. I guess if I had to think of something, it would be working more with us in advance with how we use our kitchen. One thing that I didn’t realize is just how much drawer space we gave up – I am still trying to figure out how to store my cooking utensils for easy access. I should have known better but I think maybe for clueless people like me there might be an opportunity to ask what kind of storage we need and where to make us think about it before making decisions.
All in all, we loved working with you guys. I adore my new kitchen – cooking in it with friends is so much easier. And not having a hood attack me is a major plus.
I would recommend you guys to anyone – feel free to throw my contact info out there for prospective customers. Now if I win the lottery – unlikely, since I don’t play the lottery – I would love to have you come back to attack my bathrooms.

Technical Renovation Details

Ready for Your Own Kitchen Renovation in Turlock?

Perhaps the before photos of Linn Court kitchen reminds you of your kitchen. Do you need a better kitchen layout with more functionality? or do you want a completely new look and feel to your kitchen? KitchenCRATE Custom can make this happen in just as little as 18 days.

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