• Invest in a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel and Increase the Value, Comfort and Efficiency of Your Home

    Spring is a season of renewal and it’s also a great time to refresh a tired or outdated kitchen or bathroom in your home! Whether you’ve received a substantial tax refund or not, you can invest in a kitchenCRATE or bathCRATE remodel today and create a stylish, comfortable and efficient room that both improves your home’s livability and increases its value.

    ROI on Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

    Our founder and CEO, Scott Monday, recently stumbled upon some staggering data points regarding return-on-investments for kitchen & bathroom remodels and had this to say: “By investing in a kitchen CRATE or bathCRATE you’ll get more than a great renovation — you’ll also receive one of the highest returns on investment in the home improvement category. For example, it’s possible to recoup 87% of the cost of a midrange bathroom remodel, 92% of the cost of a minor kitchen remodel, or 62% of the cost of a major kitchen remodel.” Here at kitchen & bath CRATE, we include free information regarding the percentage of project costs added to your home’s value in each proposal packet!

    Moreover, our revolutionary CRATE process provides homeowners with a fast, affordable, high-quality remodel that’s completed on budget and on schedule. Our services include a free in-home consultation, a project proposal including itemized costs and timeline, complete interior design services, work performed by our own experienced remodeling crew, and one of our dedicated project manager who will oversee your remodel from start to finish. All materials and equipment used for the remodel are conveniently stored in a signature CRATE during construction.

    “CRATE has several unique advantages over traditional remodeling,” Monday added. “Because all we do is remodel kitchens and baths, we’re exceptionally efficient. We also personally guide each customer through the process, from the initial job walk-through to estimating, permitting, construction and warranty.”

    In addition, our mobile showroom provides individualized design assistance at a fraction of the cost of traditional showrooms, and we’re one of the few local remodeling services that includes interior designers for all projects.

    “Spring is an excellent time to schedule a CRATE kitchen or bath remodel,” Monday said. “With help from our attentive team and streamlined process, you can enjoy a newly renovated kitchen or bath for years to come, and you’ll be confident that you’ve made a sound investment and added great value to your home.”

    A variety of CRATE remodeling options are available to suit your needs and budget.

    kitchenCRATE Refinish includes cabinet refinishing and hardware, starting at 5 days and $4,500.

    kitchenCRATE Classic includes Refinish elements plus countertops, backsplash, plumbing fixtures, wall and ceiling paint and lighting, starting at 9 days and $17,000.

    kitchenCRATE Custom combines the quality and speed of CRATE remodeling with all new custom cabinets, starting at 15 days and $27,000.

    bathCRATE Hall Bath remodels include new surfaces and fixtures, starting at 10 days and $15,000.

    bathCRATE Master Bath remodels include new surfaces and fixtures, starting at 11 days and $20,000.

    To schedule a phone call with us regarding your project, click the Schedule Now button below, or call (888) 995-7996 Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

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